Your Abbreviated Editorial Roundup

Carla Axtman

Daily Kos has a regular feature entitled Your Abbreviated Pundit Roundup. Its a boiled-down and sometimes snappy synopsis of various pundit analysis and opinions. I'm stealing the idea and adapting it here today using various newspaper editorials from around the state. This is obviously a small selection, but it gives you an idea of what some of our fellow Oregonians have on their minds.

Daily Astorian (Thursday):

Even Bush has stopped denying global climate change. In this lousy economy, the opportunity is prime to juice up alternative energy sources.

Albany Democrat-Herald
The folks who've got their knickers in a twist over the Guv's floating a mileage tax need to untwist themselves. The gas tax will eventually outlive its usefulness. With some tweaking, this experiment could be another link in Oregon's chain of forward thinking problem solving.
Baker City Herald (Friday):
The gubmint is keeping me from replacing my contact lenses without oversight, but they'll let me cut my leg off with a chainsaw.
Clatskanie Chief (Thursday)
Yeah, snow sucks. A lot.
East Oregonian (Sunday)
We met former World Bank Russel Cheetham this week. He tells us that the best way to get the economy moving is massive government cash infusions that invest in infrastructure. Just like Obama says. So everybody better get on the train, as soon as its built
Ontario Argus Observer (Sunday):
We want in on that massive chunk of change that the gubmint is doling out. Eastern Oregon has been in an economic abyss for ages. Give us some of that infrastructure!
Eugene Register Guard (Sunday): Aren't you glad your Social Security isn't in the stock market? Too bad we can't say that about the Oregon College Savings Plan, eh?

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    There are some good ones here.

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    This would be a welcomed addition to B.O.

    Culminating the commentary and opines of Oregon's editorial staffing and columnists among the statewide publications would make for an improved focus on Oregon-based commentary and submissions for the blog.

    Consider adding the rural township papers' authors from time to time and you'd easily have six to ten comments and links per day.

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    I'd like to make this a regular feature, time and patience permitting.

    One of the problems I'm running up against with some of the rural papers is subscription requirements, unfortunately.

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    I like this and hope you can keep it up. It will do us all who live in Portland to be able to read views from around the state.

    I don't understand your comment about subscription requirements since this column can only include articles from electronic sites where there is a link. If one has to pay to read the full article it probably does not make sense to link to it.

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    The suggestion that I try to use editorials from more rural papers is what prompted that response. I've had trouble with some of those papers because they have a subscription requirement, so I can't link to them.


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