Frank Zappa on energy efficiency

Charlie Burr

Despite my appreciation for all things Zappa, I had to live in Oregon for more than a decade before the following spot was pointed out to me. At some point during the late '80s early 90s, the folks at Portland General Electric had the good sense to enlist Frank Zappa in their energy efficiency efforts.

From PGE (with a hat tip to Dave knows):

  • Tom Civiletti (unverified)

    Isn't it wonderful how well business can respond to mandatory government programs?

  • Fred Stewart (unverified)

    Zappa made this spot a year or so before he died in 1993.

  • The Cat in the Yard (unverified)

    And there's so much time to make up Everywhere you turn Time we have wasted on the way

    So much water moving Underneath the bridge Let the water come and carry us away

    • CSN&Y

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