BrewHaHa with the Bus & 1000 Friends of Oregon - Tonight

T.A. Barnhart

Yes, a bonus BrewHaHa, just because we can! And because you want it. You didn't know you wanted it, but you do. We heard your unknowning silent plea for more, and here it is. Boring details first, then fun stuff:

BrewHaHa - Let's Make a Deal: CRC
Bus Project & 1000 Friends of Oregon
Roots Organic Brewery
1520 SE 7th Ave (just south of Hawthorne)
6:30 Socialize and order drinks & food
7:00 the Program commences

this is an all-age event

What's on tap for the BrewHaHa? How about a blast from the past that takes us right up to today's criticial issues? How about a lesson in regional transporation planning, including the trade-offs necessary to fund and facilitate various policy alternatives in a time of reduced resources while near-catastrophic environmental circumstances?

How about the best game show ever on tv?

Yea, that's better.

"Let's Make a Deal" is not something you can explain; it was something you had to experience on your family's new color tv. The original reality tv show, it required people to humiliate themselves, to fight other contestants for the big prize, luck was necessary and while Carol Merrill may have pointed to the grand prize behind Door Number 3, you may instead have won the bottle of mayonaisse Jay had on his table.

God it was great, one of the reasons tv was invented. But you had to be there. And if you weren't, you get a second chance, sort of. Instead of a lecture on transporation policy, we'll be playing "Let's Make a Deal, Columbia River Crossing Edition". I don't want to give away any secrets, but I can say this: People in clothing from the 70s will be making a public appearance.

And speaking of blasts from the past, here's Jimmy Buffett from somewhere back in the 80s (as if the clothes & hair aren't giveaways) singing Steve Goodman's fantastic song, "Door Number 3", a song Jimmy made his own on the seminal album "A1A" (the greatest record ever recorded in the history of ever). See you tonight.

  • BOHICA (unverified)

    And the date is???

  • Kurt Chapman (unverified)

    "No, I didn't get rich you son of a bitch; I'll be back just wait and see, my whole life lies waiting behind door number three."

    Fantastic lyrics, only matched by Buffet's, "If you ever get the chance to go to Dallas, take it from me; pass it by". A great song off a great album co-written by his Coral Reefer bandmate, Roger Bartlett.

  • Joe R. (unverified)

    I heard Sam Adams was going to drive his GMC truck to this event, so you all might want to watch where you park! I would like to attend this event, but my dog Slayer, is going in for gender reassignment surgery that night.

  • (Show?)

    Yet another T.A. Barnhart Bus Lick-Fest...

  • mara (unverified)

    Thursday, May 7 - tonight.

  • Stephen Amy (unverified)

    I've heard the topic tonight is the CRC bridge- sorry I can't make it to tonight's event.

    I believe the OR House Transportation Committee, chaired by Terry Beyer, has stripped the Guv's $30 mil. which would have gone to study the CRC 12-lane bridge, which is great because this bridge doesn't need to be built!

    Terry Beyer is the wife of Lee Beyer of the PUC, who is appointed by the Guv; so, a courageous stand on the part of Rep. Terry Beyer!

  • (Show?)

    ben rivers, damn straight! and i got to throw in some jimmy buffett so i am gd happy. chewing on a honeysuckle vine tin cup chalice happy.

  • (Show?)

    ps, ben rivers, the Bus is tres yummy, quite the lickable delight. and good for your figure.

  • Cheeseburger in Hell (unverified)

    I'd love to join y'all, but the $4.60 Tri-Met would cost me is more than I can afford. That's 1/2 a week's lunches!

    Better to invite Tri-Met managment that want to learn the latest lingo that can dress up their 5% service cut, while they get their usual pay raises.

  • KenRay (unverified)

    We don't need to 'study' the bridge anymore, anyway. Just build the damn thing. Preferably with a 70 MPH speed limit.

  • Stephen Amy (unverified)

    KenRay: the bridge won't be built. As DeFazio has stated, it's an impending disaster (both in terms of waste of money & not alleviaitng the traffic problem).

    You should take a turnoff and try the track at the speedway near Hayden Island.

  • KenRay (unverified)

    Saying a higher capacity bridge won't alleviate the traffic problem is like saying a larger hose won't carry more water. It is a ludicrous belief that only kool-aid drinking motorized personal transportation-haters could convince themselves to be true.

    What we have now is a disaster; a choke point on shipping and transportation that is costing us untold amounts of money in lost time and revenue.

    But the agenda of many in Portland and Metro's leadership is to make driving as miserable as possible to force people on their cute little choo-choo trains that waste money and don't alleviate the traffic problem.

  • Stephen Amy (unverified)

    KenRay: I believe experience shows that expanded capacity of roadways leads merely to more trips by car.

    I admit that a priority of the foresighted is to limit trips by car. It's necessary that we do so.

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