Tribute to Donna Nelson - Good Luck on Price is Right!

Chip Shields

Say what you'd like about former Rep. Donna Nelson, but she had an independent streak as big as Texas, and it drove the business lobby crazy. And while we disagreed vehemently on many social issues, she was frequently a game-changing vote for the public interest on Rep. Paul Holvey's Consumer Protection Committee. And no one cared for our vets like Donna did.

So here's to you Donna. Good luck on the Price is Right!

  • DanOregon (unverified)

    Despite not making the stage, Donna got more camera time than most of the models with her "come on down" walk. For TPIR fans:

  • The Shirley Chisolm Trail (unverified)

    Wow! Real, progressive sentiment on BO! No discussion, of course. That would mean...ugghh...going with the facts over party affiliation.

    <h2>So far, her record is better than BHO's!</h2>

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