BlueOregon: The Birthday Party

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Last week, BlueOregon reached a milestone. We've been engaged in this experiment in commentary and activism for five years.

Over the last five years, our virtual water cooler has been the place for all kinds of great discussions - including those about the campaigns to re-elect the Governor, take back the Oregon House, and elect a second Oregon Democrat to the U.S. Senate. Not to mention thousands of posts about all sorts of topics important to Oregonians across the state.

So, to celebrate, we've decided to throw a party! We'll have champagne and cupcakes - and as few speeches as possible! (And no, this is not a fundraiser. There's enough of that the rest of the year!)

BlueOregon Fifth Anniversary Party
Blitz Bar, 2239 Southeast 11th Ave (& Sherman), Portland
Friday, August 7, 6 to 9 p.m.

So that we can be sure to have enough champagne on hand, please RSVP here.

The Editors of BlueOregon
Jeff Alworth, Charlie Burr, Kari Chisholm, Karol Collymore

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