Former UO president Myles Brand passes away

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Myles Brand, who served as president of the University of Oregon from 1989 to 1994, has passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

After UO, he served as president of the University of Indiana Indiana University - and he was currently serving as the president of the NCAA, where he championed academic reforms. He's probably best known for having been the guy who fired legendary Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight, after Knight was accused of manhandling a student.

The Oregonian's Rachel Bachman reviewed his tenure at UO:

After voters passed the 1990 property tax-capping Measure 5, which sliced state funding for higher education, Brand laid off hundreds, slashed programs and raised tuition. He also launched the university's first comprehensive fundraising campaign, which raised $255 million in 5 1/2 years after beginning with a $150 million goal.

Brand's corporate approach to management, more common at universities now, put off some faculty members accustomed to tweed-and-Tolstoy leaders. They bristled at Brand's push to rely more on private donors and less on the Legislature.

Yet that shift later helped as state funding to the university dwindled, said Michael Hibbard, professor in the department of planning, public policy and management, and the UO senate president from 1992 to '93.

"Given the situation that higher ed is in nationally, the University of Oregon is not in as dire straits as a lot of places," Hibbard said. "A lot of the reason for that is because of what Myles did. He positioned the university to be able to withstand these hits."


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    There's no such place as "The University of Indiana".

    The school where Myles Brand gave Bobby Knight the heave-ho is "Indiana University".

  • mike (unverified)

    doretta is correct. Indiana University is NEVER called the University of Indiana.

    Beyond that, Mr. Brand did a pretty good job at the NCAA but handled the Bob Knight situation beyond poorly. It really is a wonder that someone didn't kill him over the deal. Bob Knight might be the most misunderstood man in the history of sports.

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    Yes, of course. My bad. Fixed.

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    Brand was a real trailblazer at the NCAA. He made his name nationally in the showdown with Bobby Knight, where he essentially forced Knight off of campus, even though he was still a successful coach. I'm not sure Brand ultimately changed the culture of the NCAA, but I give him credit for trying.

    I never knew of the Oregon connection.

  • Tynki gipsowe (unverified)

    Agree with doretta, there's no such place as "The University of Indiana".

  • UO Matters (unverified)

    The website

    has a huge amount of information on current goings on at UO, including links to many public records on administrative salaries and golden parachute contracts.

    UO Matters

  • Elizabeth (unverified)
    <h2>Sorry to hear that -- arguably the best course I ever took in my long and varied academic career was a freshman seminar taught by Dr Brand at U of O in 1990. He was a philosophy prof long before switching to administration. The 10 weeks I spent studying Plato's Republic with him really were fantastic. Vale.</h2>

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