WW: Kitzhaber will file today

Charlie Burr

From WWeek:

WW has confirmed that former Gov. John Kitzhaber will file paperwork Tuesday to proceed with plans to run for governor in 2010. He has notified at least three state-wide officials of his plans.

Kitzhaber previously served as Oregon governor from 1995 to 2003.

Political Wire has a list of five former governors contemplating seeking their old positions.


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    Alright then, John. Please make your case.

  • Greg D. (unverified)

    Well, that was a short but enjoyable primary season, don't you think? Kitz v. Republican to be Named. I give Kitz 25:1 odds.

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    The link to CQ Politics is messed up:


  • Amar (unverified)

    Welcome back john..............

  • Legarrette Blount (unverified)

    Well good luck to Kitzhaber! I just hope there will be a clean election and please do me a favor try to vote wisely. We need someone who will lead us to progressive economy and will not corrupt our community funds. I hope that John being a former Governor of will do his best to serve his people at his best when he wins this election. Oregon people vote wisely!

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