Multnomah Youth Commission: Chip Shields for SD-22

Charlie Burr

From the Multnomah Youth Commission:

Based on all three candidates responses the Multnomah Youth Commission has chosen to recommend Representative Chip Shields for the Oregon Senate seat.

Representative Shields has direct experience with many issues that concern youth (and by extension the community as a whole) including education and foster care. Most notably, he has helped create legislation to help fund Portland Public Schools, most recently in the form of 2009's Education Budget Bill. In addition, he is a member of the Oregon Foster Parent Association and has held hearings on safely lowering the population of kids in foster care, and addressing the disproportionate amount of minority children in foster care.

Earlier, Bernie Foster of the Skanner weighed in on the appointment, saying that Shields was up to the task of filling the big shoes left by Margaret Carter:


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