WW: Lynn Peterson won't run for governor

Charlie Burr

From Nigel Jaquiss at WWeek:

Contrary to earlier reports and widespread speculation, Clackamas County Chairwoman Lynn Peterson will not run for governor in 2010.

“This got very big very fast,” Peterson says of her potential candidacy. “It is clear the people of this state crave a contested governor’s race.”

But Peterson says after evaluating the demands on her time, she decided she’ll stay put. “I can’t run all out for governor while running the county all out.”


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    The loss of Peteresen in the governor's race and her decision to stay focused at county is gonna be a good thing for us Clackamanians.........

    She's young and will run again soon with an even stronger resume.

  • d (unverified)

    I call BS. It not that she is so focused on the county...she just couldn't see herself in a demin dress shirt, which has beome the required shirt for 2010 primary photo op's. (Also a favorite of Jay Leno.)

  • Jonathan Radmacher (unverified)

    She'll be an even better candidate for governor next time around.

  • Bob Baldwin (unverified)

    So, with Vicki Walker not getting that Parole Board position, does this leave an opening for her?

  • Observer (unverified)

    Walker's not getting to chair the parole board? Whoops!!! That deal didn't work out as planned!

  • Susan Shawn (unverified)

    While having Lynn run in the race for Governor would have been interesting, I'm pleased to see here that she has decided to stay put for now. We just "hired" her to be our Board Chair less than a year ago. The new Board is doing remarkably well, but still needs long term stability and help in turning around some difficulties in the culture of the County staff. It will take all five of them working "all out" to make this happen.

    <h2>So, a wise decision. And I agree that down the road a ways, Lynn clearly has more to offer us. We're lucky to have her around.</h2>

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