HD-43: Chip Shields endorses Lew Frederick

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In the growing scrum to replace freshly-minted state senator Chip Shields in the Oregon House, Lew Frederick can claim one big endorsement: Senator Chip Shields himself.

From the statement (not online yet):

Today State Senator and former Representative Chip Shields endorsed Lew Frederick for appointment to fill his unexpired term in the State House of Representatives.

“I am impressed that Lew really knows our District and its people. He has campaigned in it for years, and talked to thousands of our neighbors in his run for County Commissioner. The district also knows him, and he carried it in his County race.”

Shields also cited Frederick’s experience on the State Board of Education: “His knowledge of statewide education issues is extensive, and he will be an asset to the House and to the caucus as we grapple with complicated education issues.”

“Lew has the life experience, the knowledge and the preparation to jump in right away. With a special session coming in February, that readiness is crucial.”

Frederick thanked Shields for the vote of confidence: “This endorsement means a lot to me because I have seen how Chip studies his decisions. I look forward to serving with him in the Oregon Legislature, and collaborating in representing North and Northeast Portland.

The Democratic Party precinct committee people will meet on October 14 to select 3-5 nominees. Within ten days of their selection, Multnomah County Commissioners will select the new State Representative.

In addition to Lew Frederick, candidates include Karol Collymore, Eddie Lincoln, Catherine Thomasson, and Steve Adamson. Previously, we've posted candidate statements from Lew, Eddie, and Karol (for the SD-22 appointment.) We'll have statements from Adamson and Thomasson in the next 48 hours. (If I've left someone out, please post a comment!)

  • mlw (unverified)

    This is a move motivated by pique. Shields is upset at Collymore for putting her name up for the Senate seat.

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    MLW - Doubtful. I don't see Senator Shields playing those games, and Lew is highly qualified for the position.

  • mlw (unverified)

    Then why did he support her for elected office before, but not after, the senatorial selection process?

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    Perhaps you should ask him that question. My guess is that he's still a fan of Karol, but thinks that Lew is the stronger candidate.

  • mlw (unverified)

    He's a faithful BO reader, so I will. So, Sen. Shields, what makes Lew a better candidate than Karol? While you're at it, why am I hearing rumors that you promised to support Karol for the House if she didn't compete with you for the Senate seat? If she was deserving of your support then, why are you not supporting her now?

    While we're on the subject of flip flops, why did you support Measure 57 in this very forum, then gut it in the next Legislative session? Before you say "budget", let me remind you that, in this very forum, I previously gave you an opportunity to prove that your concerns were budgetary by committing to fight repeal of M57 in the next Legislative session, but you declined to do that.

    While we're on the subject of crime and punishment, where are you and the Democratic leadership on the crisis in DUII laws? We just had the Court of Appeals effectively eliminate our implied consent law and none of you have gone on record proposing a fix.

  • try decafe (unverified)


    You clearly have no idea what you're talking about, the amount of day-in day-out work both Shields and Fredrick have done in our district, and have a personal "chip" on your shoulder that goes far beyond policy with regard to Shields.

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    "Posted by: mlw | Oct 7, 2009 9:21:10 PM

    He's a faithful BO reader, so I will. So, Sen. Shields, what makes Lew a better candidate than Karol?"

    How about Lew having lived in, worked in and for the people in the district for over 30 years? WIth Lew having served in numerous community groups, grass roots organizations as well as having worked within government before (Portland Public Schools, Oregon State Board of Education), knows well the ins and outs of the Portland Development Commission, where it has worked and where it has failed not just from the policy side of things, but how it actually impacts and affects the people in the community having spearheaded a community survey on the subject for the PDC, having worked on community awareness programs for the U.S. Census 2010 in (outside the Portland area, down in Eugene), and the list goes on and on.

    Lew knows the district inside and out (not only having lived and worked there, but also a a new reporter for KGW) and came within about 4,000 votes of being a county commissioner (almost beating Karol's current boss, BTW) after having been outspent 4:1.

    People have high hopes for Karol, which is all well and good, and maybe someday she will have earned the resume and connections to the district which Lew already has. In short, Lew has exactly what a House Rep. in the Leg. should bring to the table. Experience in multiple levels within the district, the education and depth of knowledge not just on policy, but on how policy impacts the people and the lives within the district. By the criterion of who is best suited to fill this seat, it should be Lew in a walk.

  • rw (unverified)

    It's fantastic to see Shields move on to Senator. He is currently in meetings with those veterans of healthcare systems, strategies and delivery - I look hopefully upon this activity - hopefully in that perhaps all of the many players from all decks can use him as a focal, a nexus.

    There is OMA, CO, Archimedes, so many. And all are doing thier part to revolutionize healthcare access and delivery. Go Sheilds go!

  • Alex Tinker (unverified)

    Interested in learning more about Lew? Visit his new site.

  • mlw (unverified)

    Yep, I admit it - hypocrisy and deceit irritate me.

  • just saying (unverified)

    Getting things done in the legislature is a matter of being able to build relationships. This is more true in the Senate than in the House. Sen. Shields will have to learn that his slash win at all costs won't work in the long term. This is not a reflection on either Lew or Karol but his incredibly inappropriate actions to push Karol out of the Senate race says it all.

    Sen. Shields has diminishing credibility and I hope he can get whatever mentoring he needs to be able to honor the work of Sen. Carter and be an acceptable replacement. The key will be him learning how to work with other people and recognising the difference between winning the battle and winning the war.

  • G Washington (unverified)

    MLW – I agree with Sal Peralta, I don't see Senator Shields playing those types of games nor do I see him pushing anyone out. Because the work in the Senate is double than that in the house simply because we have double the number of Representatives than Senators, we know Senator Shields is the right person to being folks together around issues. What we need now is a person who has similar goals for our community.

    We have great individuals both in Karol and Lew running for the HD 43 Representative appointment. Both have made a number of contributions to the community.

    <h2>As we look to the possibility of a special session in February. The work Lew has done both in the community and at the Department of Education has proven he has the better result orientated resume. This had to have been a hard decision for Senator Shields but a wise one. Let us look to the good works of ALL, because it is our community best interest that is at state.</h2>

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