Don't Just Get Angry. Get Involved!

Jon Isaacs

Since my middle of the night comment became “notable” here on Blue Oregon I’ve received a bunch of e-mails from folks who, like me, were angry about the Oregonian taking such an irresponsible position based on an indefensible rational.

The Oregonian essentially argued that big business and their lobbyists should get whatever they want from the Legislature. Even worse, the Oregonian promotes the political strategy that has been used for years by the extreme right wing (Tea Baggers, Freedomworks, Bill Sizemore, Russ Walker, Kevin Mannix) and big money interests of threatening to buy their way onto the ballot if they don’t get what they want in Salem.

And as I referenced in my comment, I have no idea how the Oregonian editorial board can square this, intellectually, with years of editorials, such as this one, scolding the Legislature for not taking on tax reform, school funding, responsible budgeting or standing up to corporate lobbyists.

So I can relate if a lot of people are mad, and want to stage a boycott or cancel their Oregonian subscription. But with three weeks to go until ballots are due, now is not the time to get mad--it's time to channel that energy in a positive direction. Take that frustration and anger, and use it to prove them wrong – just like we did when the Oregonian endorsed George W. Bush, Ron Saxton and Gordon Smith. Whatever you committed to giving to the Yes campaign - money or time - double it. If you haven't committed anything yet, why not now? Now's your chance to stand up the Oregonian and the big corporations.

Together we can make sure kids, the environment, clean energy, schools, seniors, cops, nurses and firefighters win on January 26th.

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  • andy (unverified)

    Actually that struck me as one of the first Oregonian editorials that made any sense. Usually the editorials appear to be written by middle age hippies who smoked too much dope during their years at the U of O. I'm hoping that crowd all got in their VW's and moved over to Mother Earth where they belonged and now maybe the Oregonian is going to be under better management.

  • Payless Obagi (unverified)
    <h2>It's always good to channel energy in a positive direction.</h2>

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