Bradbury wins Bus Project straw poll

Charlie Burr

6a00d8341c2c3f53ef011168a4d32c970c-800wi From Jeff Mapes:

Former Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury won a gubernatorial straw poll Sunday at the "Rebooting Democracy" conference sponsored by the Bus Project in Bend.

The Bradbury campaign boasted that this was a big deal for their guy since their chief Democratic rival, former Gov. John Kitzhaber, has had close ties with the Bus Project, a youth-oriented liberal group seeking to spur spur grass-roots political activism.  Kitzhaber has been endorsed by state Rep. Jefferson Smith, D-Portland, the group's founder, and his campaign at one point shared office space with the Bus Project.

Final tally: 100 for Bradbury, 77 for Kitzhaber, 2 for Allen Alley and 1 for Chris Dudley.


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    Seems that the O isn't paying Jeff Mapes to leave his chair and computer screen anymore.

  • Kurt Hagadakis (unverified)

    I found the result to be interesting. Personally, I use the difference between Bus Project straw pols and BO contributors' picks to calculate the "hack factor" component of support. Baed on that , Kitz is running at historically high levels.

    <h2>Interestingly the record used to be held by Wu, but BO has come around a great deal. Wyden is up there too.</h2>

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