Bradbury's 2nd spot draws line on LNG

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Bill Bradbury's second TV spot takes a hard line on liquified natural gas terminals in Oregon. Watch the spot - what do you think?

There's commentary from Jeff Mapes at the O, and Nigel Jaquiss at WW.

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    Fantastic! It's amazing to me that we're debating whether we want to increase our reliance on dirty foreign fossil fuels when there are local options that create jobs and more secure energy futures here.

    Everyone needs to know LNG emits 26-30% more climate pollution than standard natural gas, because it's so energy intensive to liquefy, ship, and regasify.

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    Bill Bradbury has been an activist against LNG. The pipeline would go through the middle of farmers fields and vinyards, greatly decreasing farm and wine industry marginal profits and putting them out of business. Leaks would poison ground water and cause deadly explosions. Bill will protect us from dangerous exploitation while creating clean energy jobs in wind, wave and solar power and provide affordable training through the Bank of Oregon. Go, Bill, Go!!

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    Thank you, Bill Bradbury, for giving me reasons to vote. For your candidacy, that is!


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