Jesse Springer titled it "Coincidence?"

Chuck Sheketoff

From Jesse Springer's email today:

NEWS ITEM: Tea Party demonstrations occur across America on "Tax Day", April 15th

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    Did you really need to take it there? Really? There are so many good ways to take shots at Tea Partiers and that was the best you could come up with? You are a prime example of why Democratic Party couldn't oust Bush the second time around while he was losing a war and in a bad economy. Instead of just sitting there silently and let the crazy people run around yelling "end of the world this" and "socialism that," you just had to throw in the racism card. Now you're just another one of the crazys out there yelling.

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      I believe I took three good shots at the Tea Partiers in the first three panels. I posed the race connection as a question: is race a factor, and if so, how much? Asking readers to wonder how much of what is going on is racially based is neither crazy nor yelling.

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