OR-5: Is Fred Thompson leading Scott Bruun?

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I don't typically read the Moo County News - a right-wing blog in Tillamook County - but I just came across a recent story there about the 5th Congressional District race.

According to Jim Welsh at the Moo, Tea Party -oriented candidate Fred Thompson is leading State Rep. Scott Bruun (R-West Linn) in a recent poll:

A recent poll of Republican and independent voters in Oregon’s 5th Congressional District shows conservative newcomer Fred Thompson holding a 2% lead over Oregon Rep. Scott Bruun for the GOP nomination to take on Democrat incumbent Kurt Schrader. The poll, requested by the Thompson campaign and conducted by longtime GOP campaign veteran John Feliz, showed Thompson to have strong support from voters who identify themselves as conservative and independent.

I've looked around, and can't seem find any other details about this poll. Obviously, unless and until Fred Thompson releases more details, we'll take it with a grain of salt, but it sure is interesting.

While Bruun is the better-funded NRCC-recruited candidate, we'll see if Thompson's appeal to working-class rural conservatives will win out district-wide against Bruun - who seems to have more of an appeal to the higher-income suburbanites in West Linn and Lake Oswego.

To give you an idea of the cultural differences, here's a recent Facebook update from Thompson:

Just finished driving 225 miles meeting folks all over the valley. Visited a gun store and saw two 50cal rifles. I haven't seen a 50cal in a long time (Vietnam); $8.00 and round for ammo ... a little out of my price range for a target practice. Very Nice Weapons.

Contrast to Bruun, who describes his occupation in the voters' pamphlet as: "Partner, Commercial Investment and Venture Capital Firm".

Suburban financial executive vs. rural conservative. Should be interesting.

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    Full disclosure: My firm built Kirt Schrader's campaign website. I speak only for myself.

  • LT (unverified)

    Let this be a lesson--upsets do happen in politics.

    I still recall in 1984 (?) when Bud Clark was elected Mayor of Portland and most people had just assumed Frank Ivancie would win.

    Voters can be unpredictable sometimes!

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    I think we can assume Bruun will do better in West Linn and the other far east suburbs of the district, since that's where his district is.

  • Rick Hickey (unverified)

    At the recent OFIR meeting (www.oregonir.org), standing room only, Mr. Bruun and Thompson debated.

    Mr. Thompson seemed to have a better understanding of how massive Illegal immigration was hurting working people and therefore increasing government spending. He seemed stronger on the issue of making it harder for illegals to steal jobs and benefits from much needy americans.

    We need Fred Thompson in DC, at least for some checks and balances, as one Party in absolute control of every branch of our government is not good. And if only one party controls congress and the same signs the bills, we will get another Amnesty next year. This time for 12-15 million illegals (not the 1 mil. promised in '86, which actually becam 3 mil.)PLUS Family members still home. We can not afford to roll millions more into even more social service programs, such as the new "Free" health care. And we can't keep stagnating Wages via huge numbers of desperate laborers from the 3rd world willing to work for far less than an American.

    ps, I write this knowing most of you D's have not been brainwashed by the far left D's who will not secure OUR border/jobs/ID.

    Kurt Schrader supports Amnesty, Fred Thompson does NOT.

  • Lou Fleming (unverified)

    Whew! I was a little scared at first because I thought you meant the Law and Order Fred Thompson. You're talking about the Cross Burnin' Fred Thompson. That makes me feel better. Cross Burnin' Fred Thompson is the kind of sombitch we need to take back this country. We don't need no rich Hollyweird types in the 5th with all their investin and the such.

  • AdmiralNaismith (unverified)

    Maybe he's popular among voters who think he's the Law&Order Fred Thompson.

    And Rick--you almost had me there for a minute! I didn't realize you were joking until I got to the part about Democrats being in absolute control of, well, anything at all.

  • Alisa Anderson (unverified)

    Have you ever looked at our challenges with water purity? It's a fact that we're the BS capitol of Oregon.

    The word on the street is that it was a straw poll of people targeted as potential teabaggers, asking what they thought of the two. It seems they hate moderate Republicans more than moderate Democrats, though "liberals" still cause the most foaming at the mouth. It's something they've got right. Between the parties, looking just at the moderates, moderate Democrats are an essential enzyme that keeps the process safe from change. Moderate Republicans are arguably as much hope for change as Obama, maybe more. So they are targeting moderate Republicans as a high priority. That makes sense too. Most the "socialists" they despise are actually more conservative than their constituents, and offer little hope for the cognitively challenged.

    • Alisa in Tillamook
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    Thompson would be a sure loser vs. Schrader.

  • Frank Tigano (unverified)

    One thing seems to be for sure without the details; Fred Thompson is a breath of fresh air who shows he is interested in representing the people and is impressing Oregon's. It appears, Oregon's do care with Thompson leading the polls. Although, unless Oregon's open their pockets to Thompson, this could be another election that may be bought, through lack of funds for the right man--for the job.

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  • Granny Grips (unverified)

    Well, appears R Bruun has a very troubling voting record. he was against off shore drilling, now he is for it he was against term limits, now he is for it he advoacted sales tax so that wealthy Seniors pay more he voted for every budget increase he voted for special interests, advancing the Global warming hoax, giving special interersts huge tax credits he voted for gas tax insreases he voted for more government control over Business he claims he is the moderate. according to Vote smart, he cannot decide if school vouchers for anywhere except public schools are a good idea. Of course he is the fluffed n buffed, "insider" "special interest" "movers n shakers" candidate. D C is wall to wall with those, so he should fit right in. PS thought Fred Thompson was a retired business executive, no idea where the author got the "facts" that he was a "RURAL" something or other.. OH, right, Facts just get in the way! "exaggeration, fabrication, distortion, is a way of life for the left of center. R Bruun, records show that he has rarely kept one of those fancy "titled" jobs for more than 2 years. Yep, switch the Letter, and the power brokers keep doing what they have been doing for a long time.


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