Election Night Parties: where will you be?

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Below, an incomplete list of election night parties happening tonight. If you know of others that are open to the public, please post in the comments.

But first, a note about the election night after-party. Over the last few election cycles, the Progressive Happy Hour crew has organized a late-night after-party - at which all candidates and all their supporters are invited, in an effort to recognize that this is the time to come together, put differences aside, and focus on the future. PHH is mostly in hibernation now, but if you're in the Portland metro area, join us tonight at Ron Toms - 600 East Burnside Street - at 9 p.m. 'til late, late, late.

Now, election night parties:

And in a very cool tradition, most everyone in Lane County - both parties - will be watching election results at the Lane Event Center, 796 West 13th Avenue, 7-10pm.

What have I missed?

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