OK, I'll admit it. I'm totally biased.

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The latest ad from John Kitzhaber is about jobs and education. Here's the transcript:

With an innovative plan to diversify our economy to create good jobs now and for the future, and with a pledge to improve and support education, and give every child who earns it two years of college, some of the people John Kitzhaber is working hardest for don't even have a vote.

John Kitzhaber. He's not running for office. He's running for Oregon.

Of course, the transcript doesn't do it justice.

Watch the spot. It's my favorite TV ad ever. Of course, my judgment is probably a bit off-kilter. You see: my son, Jake, is in the spot - along with a few of his friends.

(Jake's the "future record executive" - not that the music industry is likely to exist in its current form by the time he hits adulthood!)


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    [Full disclosure: My firm built John Kitzhaber's campaign website. I speak only for myself.]

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    I'm a huge fan of the girl with the abacus. Of course, I'm biased, too.

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    I find the bias in this post completely outrageous! Blueoregon should be giving equal time to people who think the kids in this ad are not totally adorable. It's only fair. :)

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    Our future leaders indeed :)

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    Your favorite TV ad ever? Puh-leaze. It is not even the best political ad featuring children working. Can anyone say ripoff? I just voted for Kitzhaber, but he gets zero points for originality.


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    Child labor!!! Child labor!!! Oh, . . . sorry, this posting was just way too non-contraversial. Go Kitz!!! and everyone have a great Friday!

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    I don't know where you are going to find anyone who could say those kids aren't absolutely adorable! OMG the little girl with the painted eye at the end is my favorite and I think I am the only one with no skin in this discussion. How many years ago were those pictures of JK taken? Those kids aren't child labor ...they are interns ...too bad this will be the last year they get to work and gain all that experience for free


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