Punditology 2010 Primary Challenge

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Well, we're just a few days away from the 2010 Oregon Primary. (Are you ready to be done yet? I know I am.)

As usual, I've organized the Punditology Challenge - a little no-money betting pool amongst the chattering classes of activists, lobbyists, consultants, bloggers, media folks, and even a few candidates and electeds. And once again, I'll invite BlueOregon readers to join in the fun.

This year, ya gotta pick the winners of 24 races around the state. Deadline is midnight Sunday, and folks who enter will find out on Monday what the conventional wisdom is. (Which is usually right, except when it's wrong - and then it's spectacularly wrong.)

Remember: you're trying to pick the winners, not simply pick who you wish would win. This won't affect the outcome of any campaigns, so there's no sense spinning it. Rather, if you pick 'em right - you'll be hailed as a genius, a pundit par excellence, a prognosticator for the ages...

In the 2008 primary, Sal Peralta (former legislative candidate and Independent Party organizer) and Ben DuPree (campaign aide to Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden) were the top punditologists - with 22 of 27 correct picks. In the 2006 primary, then-Metro Councilor Brian Newman crushed everyone, scoring 23 of 25 correctly.

Get started: The 2010 Oregon Primary Punditology Challenge

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    Here's thinking someone advertising with white text on light blue background, in a dark suit, facing right shoulder forward in a red tie and light blue shirt, might win.

    The old denim shirt-off between Kitz and Bradbury has become the red-tie off between Hughes and Cornett... amusing.

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    Anyone else call a May win in City Council, Metro or Multnomah/Washington Counties?

    I called one, optimistically.

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