Biden event RSVP deadline extended to Wednesday

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Check out the latest hilarious comment from Joe Biden.

It seems that over the weekend, Biden was at a frozen custard shop in Wisconsin - and the store manager gave him some guff. Biden gave as good as he got.

This is why I love Joe Biden. He's comfortable and confident enough in his own skin to be himself. As Ed Pilkington at the UK's Guardian noted, it's refreshing to have "a vice-president who calls a smartass a smartass".

And here's the Oregon news: They've extended the RSVP deadline for the July 8 event with Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Kurt Schrader. You can now get your tickets through Wednesday at (Advance RSVPs are required due to Secret Service restrictions.)

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    Saying stuff between men in this country that from the outside may sound like an insult is a tried and true way to break the ice, as weird as that may sound. I call my friends much worse; they know I am kidding. I like the candid of nature of exchange that the information age is bringing back to politics. Boys will be boys and the cameras are always rollin' it seems. :-)

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    Vice President Biden should have told the custard shop manager that under the Obama tax plan, 95% of all Americans got a tax cut. And I am shocked, SHOCKED I TELL YOU! to hear Joe Biden using salty language like Smart-Ass. What next, the F-bomb?

    Huh? He did? Oh yeah... that was a BFD!


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