Thank you Big O

Chris Bouneff

I would just like to pass on my congratulations to The Oregonian for continuing to stigmatize individuals living with mental illness in recent day in both its news and editorial pages by terming us as "the mentally ill." Most recent example in the blurb advertising an op-ed in the stump.

Nothing like defining people as second-class humans right out in the open. Keep up the good work.

(By the way, who exactly are the mentally ill? I'd like to see your definition of the mentally ill vs., say, someone with a mental illness.)

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    Chris, for those of us who aren't quite up to speed yet... what term would you and your organization prefer?

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    Huh? You yourself use the term mental illness. Is someone who has a mental illness not mentally ill?

    The call for outrage over the term "mentally ill" seems pretty shaky to say the least.

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    We as an organization use people or individual living with mental illness.

    And, Mitchell, if you read the post, the objection is not to the term mental illness or really even mentally ill, though I find that objectionable. It is to assigning someone as a member of "the" mentally ill. As if that is the characteristic that defines a person who lives with mental illness.

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      What semantic masturbation.

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      Oh for god's sake. This is a story about the police trying to pay special attention to people whose life circumstances might make them more vulnerable to negative interactions with police. Under your theory, I suppose we should get rid of teh ADA, because it singles out and classifies an identifiable group of people for special treatment.

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