Wu in Trouble?

Jeff Alworth

Item for your consideration: an internal Moore survey puts Rob Cornilles within six points of David Wu. The candidate whose district seems a perennial target--and perennial loser--for the GOP was the subject of yesterday's Morning Fix:

Wu takes 46 percent to 40 percent for sports business consultant Rob Cornilles in the Moore Information survey, which was obtained by the Fix.

The narrowness of the race somes in spite of Wu's large edge in name identification. More than four in five voters know Wu and can rate his favorability (50 percent favorable, 35 percent unfavorable), while less than one in five knows Cornilles well enough to even rate him.

Cornilles has impressed the national GOP with his personal style, but his fundraising isn't particularly strong; he had less than $200,000 on hand at the end of April. Wu, meanwhile, is dealing with marital troubles -- he separated from his wife in December -- and is seen as a lower-tier GOP target.

I'll confess that I'm more or less out of the loop on the Wu race--but perhaps one of our many wise readers can shed some light. Is this another case of phantom opportunity for the GOP, or is the Congressman actually in trouble?

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    As someone who voted against him for the first time in the primaries, yeah he's in trouble. The problem is that he has too much name recognition for underfunded candidates to have a chance against him in the primaries.

    In a general election, however, he is in a little trouble. I have no doubt he will get re-elected, as long as he doesn't have another Star Trek break down on the floor of the House again, or have some new scandal come out about him. But sooner or later he will be taken down. I just hope it comes in the primaries, not in the general.

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    Kinda makes you wonder how wise it is to make it a point of picking fights with people who don't happen to have a "D" label after their names, especially in this climate. Many candidates appear to understand that even if some bloggers and party apparatchik do not.

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    What's that? A candidate has released an internal poll showing them as competitive? Shocking!

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    yes David Wu is in trouble. The DNC is broke and David Wu's campaign coffers are the lowest ever at this stage of the game. In fact, given that David Wu has had several dealings with the President of Tawian on Arms sales and sharing his eperience with Oregon "Green technolgy" with this foreign manufacturing powerhouse, some groups are now investigating his FEC report for irregularities and inappropriate donation behavior. David Wu did not listen to his district on Health care, Cap and trade, or deficit spending. While all republicans have ceased inserting earmaks, David Wu considers it part of his campaign strategy. 80 percent of david Wu's political donations come from either out of state, or out of state special interest. He is even taking camapign donation from out of state window manufacturers who want Oregon based energy contracts. David Wu is owned and operated by out of state entities. All of David Wu's ligislative achievements come from earmark money from Pelosi/Obama bribes. Rob Cornilles on the otherhand gets 100 percent of his donations from Oregon Individuals. Rob Cornilles is "Grass roots" while David Wu is a pwan for the democratic Socialists, special interest, and out of state entities. What Sal and David Wu have in common is "Pay to Play" except David Wu has elevated it to an "Earmark Art Form!"

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      A note for our readers: Brodhead was one of the losing candidates who ran in the GOP primary for the 1st district.

      His nonsense allegations speak for themselves.

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      "Rob Cornilles on the otherhand gets 100 percent of his donations from Oregon Individuals." A blatant lie-- check out the Federal Elections Commission Campaign Contributions report-- Cornilles has accepted thousands of $$$ from out of state contributors!

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    I will be the Congressperson from the First Congressional District before Rob Cornilles gets the job.

    Wu is not loved in the District, but not because people are looking for more conservative policy. If there were a solid, experienced, progressive alternative then Wu would be in trouble.

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    During Reagan,s first term as president in 1982, the baby boomer turned 37 years old with 2 kids, a house, braces, earth shoes, and levi jeans. The country was full of vibrant and employed 37 year olds.

    During Bill Clinton's first term as president in 1992, the baby boomer turned 47 with no kids, a new house, new cars, and the beginning s of a mssive information age and tech bubble.

    During George Bush's first term as president in 2002, the baby boomer turned 57 with a depressed 401k that lost 6 trillion in value, and the depressed spending that went along with wealth loss and a demographic shift.

    During Obama's first and only term in office, the baby boomer turns 67 with 40 million turning 67 over the next 2 decades. In addition after the Obama effect takes complete hold, Social secuirty will make up 80 percent of their retirement portfolio. Approximately 160 million workers will have to support 80 million boomers on fullride entitlements and fullride health care.

    We are also faced now with a double dip reccession to compound the demographic trend. I believe this is the beginning of a long economic adjustment, that no amount of defict spending stimulus programs will change. We will not grow ourselves out of debt, when 5 million boomers leave the work force every year for the next 20 years. None of our current politicians will face this reality. They havent faced it for the last 5 years, and they will simply let the deficits soar for our children to pay for. In fact, David Wu has the deficit throttle floored with hi serial earmarks. Yupp he has the deficit throttle mashed to the floor and is doing 120 mph right down the middle of mainstreet USA.............He doesnt care! All he cares about is re-election and passing the debt to your children

    Meanwhile David Wu submits earmark after earmark after earmark.

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