Dear Multnomah GOP: America now has 50 states.

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BREAKING NEWS! This just in. Two new states have just joined the Union. They're going to be known as "Hawaii" and "Alaska". One tropical and one up north near the Arctic Circle. We'll see how long it takes for them to immerse themselves in American culture and public life. Might take a while, but I'm sure it'll happen someday. Who knows? Somebody we may even have presidential and vice-presidential candidates from those states.

What? Oh, that didn't just happen? You say it happened in 1959?

Weird. According to the Multnomah County Republican Party, there's still just 48 states. Here's the photographic evidence from their latest "U-Choose" meeting.

Nothing quite says Leadership for the Future like a 48-star American flag.

(FYI, the guy in the photo is Gordon Fiddes, who is running against Rep. Margaret Doherty.)

Oddly, U-Choose has its own website, but describes themselves as "the political issues action team" of the Multnomah GOP. Not sure what the rest of the county party does, if it's not political issues action. Maybe they're busy figuring out how to add a couple states to get the USA up to a round number of states.

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    It's gotta be lonely being a member of the Multnomah GOP.

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    I have no love for Multnomah GOP, but how is this relevant to anything?

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      Sometimes something that's just funny doesn't have to meet a very high standard of relevance. On the other hand, you could say that one might expect a group supposedly looking to elect anyone to anything to use a valid American Flag rather than a relic. Or, then again, you might say that being 50 years behind in your decorations says something about how current your thinking is. Or you might just say it's funny. Why not.

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    What? When did this happen? Back in March of 2008, Obama claimed to have visited only 57 states and still had one more to go. So less than two years on the job, we've either lost 8 or 10 states (depending on whether the Multnomah County GOP or BlueOregon is right).

    We should definitely have congressional investigations into this before we lose any more states.

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    "Freedom or serfdom?"! That's funny.

    Frivolous insults about another political party using an old relic that symbolizes the same thing as the new, updated one? Kinda silly.

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    wow! are they all going home to watch Ozzie and Harriet?

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    I have a 48 star flag. I would love the opportunity to display it at an official function. Perhaps I can rent it out to the GOP. We know the GOP doesn't consider anyone born in Hawaii a US citizen. But I guess they are also ruling out Sarah Palin as a US citizen.

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    I was going say that it is a coffin flag of a relative who died before 1959 and is displayed to honor that vet.

    The whiteboard behind him looks to be less than 4ft tall. An internment flag is 5 x 9 1/2', so that flag is not an internment flag.

    Whiteboard sizes:

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    Unable to defend indefensible Obama behavior, we can always chortle at every GOP gaff. Their dumb sh*ts. How is pointing out every instance ANY help?

    Right. You're not trying to help, beyond, "Vote Dem; Vote Dem; Vote Dem...oh, and BTW, Vote Dem"!

    This really says it all.

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