Michael Simon and Marco Hernandez appointed to the federal bench

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President Obama has nominated two Oregonians to US District Court of Oregon.

Michael Simon is a partner with the Perkins Coie law firm and a former trial attorney in the Justice Department's anti-trust division. He happens to also be the spouse of state senator Suzanne Bonamici and the father of former BlueOregon contributor Andrew Simon. And I'm fairly certain that Michael Simon is the first BlueOregon commenter nominated to the federal bench.

Marco Hernandez is a circuit court judge in Washington County. Hernandez was appointed as an Oregon judge by Governor Barbara Roberts - and first nominated to the federal bench by President George W. Bush. His nomination expired when Bush left office without action by the U.S. Senate.

There's coverage from the Statesman-Journal, Willamette Week, the Tigard Times and the Oregonian.

And now, the confirmation process gets underway - and, as usual with the U.S. Senate, it will likely take months (and perhaps years.)

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    Haven't met Mr. Hernandez, but Michael Simon is one of the good ones. He's also Brent Barton's boss, and Brent can't praise him enough.

    congratulations all around.

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    I don't know Mr. Hernandez either. But Michael Simon is awesome. Congrats to him on this superb appointment. He'll be GREAT.

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    Judge Hernandez, former legal aid lawyer representing farmworkers. Then went to the Wash Co DA office (Full disclosure: I was his supervisor there)Probably the smartests lawyer I supervised. Most recently, he started the mental health court in Wash Co. where he does intense probationary supervision and weekly court meetings to keep people in treatment and out of jail.

    He's is a tough, no nonsense judge.

    Wash Co hates to see him go.

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    Hernandez was not one of the first round of finalists which included no women and no minorities but after a big stink! he was brought in for an interview. I understand that he is doing a great job in Washington County and my expectations are that he will continue to do so on the federal bench.

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    Yeah Michael. Here comes the judge, here comes the judge.

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    I went to high school with Michael Simon. All of us former Birmingham Braves (Van Nuys CA) are proud of him and wish him luck with his confirmation and this new chapter as Judge Simon.

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    Congratulations Michael!!! I did not go to high school with you, but I am still so proud of you.

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