Kitzhaber House Parties Yesterday

Paulie Brading

 Kitzhaber House Parties Yesterday

Some of the busiest people I know attended the Kitzhaber House Party in my backyard yesterday afternoon. The president of the Habitat for Humanity board, a business leader, a veteran OEA leader, a candidate for State Representative HD6, a candidate for county commissioner, a couple who regularly host huge Wyden, Merkley, Kitzhaber events with 200+ in attendance, a school board member, two men from large flyfishing associations and more listened and watched the Kitzhaber message together.

The story of Dudley's resume and Kitzhaber's resume is the story that needs be shared across the state. Their sharply contrasted differences paint the picture of just how unprepared Dudley is to be governor. He's "cared" about the state for 8 months after his selection to be the Republican candidate. He has lived in Oregon since 2002 and played professional basketball. Kitzhaber was raised in Oregon, became an emergency room doc and worked in rural Southern Oregon. He's spent his entire life helping people through his service to the people of Oregon as a legislator and as our governor.

Afterwards we cozied up to discuss each of our networks and began listing possible events in August, September and October. We fondly remembered how Kitz had substantially improved the economy, we remembered his ability to color outside of the lines (health care), his ability to diagnose complex issues, and his love of all things Oregon.

Each person left with their lawn signs and bumper stickers. More importantly they left with their shoulders back, standing tall and determined to do all they could to help elect the the right man at the right time for the most complicated issues in Oregon's history.

The grassroots campaign is officially launched!

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    Paulie, sorry but Kitz only improved an economy that was rising nationally. The rising tide floated all boats and he instituted some very foundational ideas that are affecting the state economy today. He accomplished nothing on his own and the only state issues he addressed successfully were with a republican led state legislature. Once he had dems in control in Salem he foundered - badly.

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      I agree he was TOTALLY ineffective in getting ANYTHING done as Governor while the Democrats "had control in Salem."

      Of course, that's primarily because once Dems had control in Salem--even of just one legislative chamber--Kitzhaber was not in office. Ds did not control the Senate until the 2003 session, and the House not until 2007.

      I also think Vic Atiyeh has had a terrible last few years as governor.

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      TJ Bunster's right. Kitz was elected against the 1994 tide, and served with a right-wing legislature his entire eight years. We didn't take control of the legislature until 2007.

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      Don't let the FACTS get in the way of your fantasy.

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      serioulsy? this sort of ignorance of the facts is the problem. I have some great stats for you to work from... but it won't help your cause...

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    Thanks, Paulie. Kitzhaber is the best governor we had in our state since Tom McCall. One thing he did do was keep the barbarians at the gate and protected the legacy of Oregon, keeping intact the environmental protections we have, keeping at bay the relentless assault on public education by a pack of extremists who want to dismantle public schools, and by developing and implementing the Oregon Health Plan, the most innovative program to expand health coverage and control costs in our entire country.

    The hapless Dudley, who can't walk and chew gum, has as his great claim that he is tall and was born into wealth. Dr. John Kitzhaber has seen and responded to the need of Oregonians in the emergency room of a hospital, the legislature as senate president, and the governor's office. He will take Dudley apart in the debates and take his empty suit to the cleaners.

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    Thanks for this, Paulie. I needed to start the week on a positive note.

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    "I'm afraid Republican Jack Roberts has let his selective partisan memory distort the record of Gov. John Kitzhaber during his first administration ("The real debate in the governor's race," July 29). What Roberts conveniently forgets is the highly charged partisan political environment that swept the nation in 1994, permeating Oregon after Kitzhaber's first election as governor.

    It is important to remember that political environment. Newt Gingrich promised the destructive "Contract with America" and took control of the U.S. House. He later shut down the government and was eventually tossed out in shame.

    In Oregon, newly elected Republican majorities in the Legislature forced a similar highly partisan agenda. Senate President Gordon Smith's chief of staff famously declared Gov. Kitzhaber "irrelevant." It was in this destructive atmosphere that the 1995 Legislature started an unfortunate cycle of passing radical legislation that lawmakers knew Kitzhaber would be forced to veto.

    Sadly, the 2010 election year threatens to become as toxic as the 1994 election. Roberts' blatantly partisan rewriting of Kitzhaber's record will only serve to make it more so."

    LTE in today's big "O" written by Chris Derth

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    I attended a house party...and it was a good experience. I encourage others to do the same if they repeat this.

    One fact that stood out for me was the differential between Kitz's having been born/raised/worked here as compared to Dudley's being raised in CA, lived in Camas when he worked for the Trailblazers.... I don't know how Dudley could assume to 'know' Oregon, let alone govern it.

    I've lived here 5 years and am very involved with my local area--but this is a big state with much diversity and I think one needs to have spent far more time in OR in order to govern. He may know the I-5 corridor but I can't imagine he understands the rural needs while I think Kitz does....

    There's been a long joke of 'let's not californicate OR" so I had to laugh when the idea of a new Governor was a guy raised in San Diego (I used to live there too..and it is so not OR!)

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