Spanning the State: Fear itself edition

Carla Axtman

Every time a candidate for office bandies about the term "socialist", they should be forced to publicly apologize for acting like an idiot.

I refrained from posting about 9/11 yesterday on the 10 9th anniversary of the event. I've thought a lot about what I might say, but the words that I try to string together in my head to convey my feelings about it seem dreadfully inadequate. So much fear and hatred and ugliness--not just from the attack itself but from the divisions among as a nation following it.

The country didn't just lose 3000 souls that day--we lost our innocence. We needed a "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" moment at the time, and we didn't get it. In some ways, we got the opposite.

Oregon feels a lot like a cocoon to me--a safe haven. I suspect that's just me, as Oregon is objectively no more safe most any other place. That said, I'd rather be here in the bosom of this place than any other on Earth.

And now, let's Span the State....


In a decision that will undoubtedly go to the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals, the Deschutes Jefferson County Commission gave conditional approval to Montgomery Shores Partnership to build 15 "guest rooms" on their 57-acre property. The "guest rooms" are 850 sq feet in size, giving pause to the local Warm Springs Tribe as well as environmental groups. Commissioner John Hatfield was the sole dissenter on the motion to approve citing concerns that the county will have to present arguments for it at LUBA, noted "I don't think we can defend an approval as it is."

The "Peace Wall" at the Ashland Public Library is nearly complete.

The Baker City Herald's editorial board skewers the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainsville, Florida. As you may recall, the church pastor articulated their intent to burn the Quran, but backed off on Thursday. The Herald made note of associate pastor Wayne Sapp's ridiculous babblings about the soldiers in Afghanistan--and further noted the church's effort would have been a defacto aid and comfort to the enemy.

Could a San Francisco-like gas explosion happen in Oregon? Perhaps, but not likely.

Every time a candidate for office bandies about the term "socialist", they should be forced to publicly apologize for acting like an idiot. Not only is it a waste of the public's time, its just a flat insult to our intelligence. Stop it already.

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    I believe it was the Jefferson County Commission that made the land use decision - just sayin.

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    I know this is super nit-picky, but yesterday was 9 years since 9/11, not 10.

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    "we lost our innocence"

    "What you mean we, white (wo)man?" Tonto

    This whole line of "innocence" is ridiculous. Ignorance for sure but not innocence?

    We (the US) love war and killing, we just don't like to admit it. And when it happens to us we're shocked and become a nation of bedwetters.

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      Ignorance and innocence aren't mutually exclusive. A lot of people are ignorant and have no idea that they are..which really, makes them innocent, in my view.

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      This comment by Grant Remington is absolutely right-on.

      Any review of the history of any world power would reveal innocence having been lost at a fairly early stage (at least). The U.S. is not only not an exception, but for about 165 years, at least, it has been the prime example.

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    I'm getting real tired of the "s" word being thrown out there in the R's campaign of fear. First off, I believe socialism is primarily an economic theory. Not a governing model. Second, if you drive on roads paid for by tax dollars, call 911 when you need fire or police, attend public schools, suppport our men and women in uniform (even if you disagree with the mission)- guess what- you are a socialist...

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    Lea Spencer, I think the word "socialist" is way too much broadly applied these days. For example, I was reading in The Economist about how Nicholas Sarkozy's main opponent is supposed to be a "socialist" but, also, happens currently to be the chief of the Int'l Monetary Fund (!). I asked myself, how could an organization that preaches public-sector austerity in service of private creditors in any way be headed by a "socialist"? (Answer is: it can't be).

    Maybe there should be definitive distinction between "social democrat" (European-style) and "socialist" (who would believe that the means of production should be publicly-owned)?

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    Stephen, interesting insights. I like your suggestion...

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    Well said about Oregon feeling like a safe haven. I'm proud to live in a place where we have such unmatched diverse natural beauty as well as a city in Portland that cares about values like historic preservation (Pittock Mansion, Memorial Coliseum, Portland Armory) and mass transit (MAX, streetcar).

    Although I'm a native Oregonian, I lived in New York for six years and attended college there. Seeing those World Trade Center towers come down was the most shattering experience of my lifetime. Cities are always changing, even if it's not usually so violently and suddenly. But 9/11 has always taught me to appreciate one's sense of place while it's here, and to do everything one can to protect what you love.

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