Ask for Insurance Help - Receive Partisan Reply

Paulie Brading

A Medford Family was told by Regence BlueCross and BlueShield they are no longer insuring children. Medford Mail Tribune

The father in the story contacted State Representative R-Sal Esquivel by email for assistance. Here is Representative Esquivel's email reply to the father.

"I have offered to help and I will if I can - BUT let's get a couple of things straight. I know you are frustrated and probably scared and I would be too - but don't blame me of things that I had very little to do with, at the state legislative level there are 36 DEMOCRATS in the House and 18 DEMOCRATS in the Senate - that means that they passed anything and everything they damn well pleased this last session.

At the Federal level the numbers are bigger but similar. The Republicans are in the minority and we can stand and shout and jump up and down and vote however we want to and have not been heard for quite sometime now. This can change next session but not today, not now, not tomorrow and probably not next week. If you really want to blame someone locally for this plight call Sen. Bates - he wrote the damn bill that was passed at the state level. I did not vote for it because it did things like allow insurance companies to not insure children!

Now, I know this doesn't help you with the problem you are addressing today. But it is not possible for me to help you if you are not somewhat rational about the situation, You might want to take into consideration that the legislation that has screwed up insurance for your child is because the Democrats at the national level along with a newly elected president went crazy and passed every damn thing they wanted to pass - including Obamacare.

Now - you must have a bevy of people get back to you to help since you felt you could be insulting to me. If not, and want some assistance, then call my office, make an appointment, be civil, and I will see if there is anything I can do to help.'

Representative Sal Esquivel

"And just a side note, I proposed a bill that would have allowed you and everyone else to buy your insurance across state lines and half the cost you will pay now - but the Democrats didn't allow it to have a hearing! You can't blame Republicans for stuff they had nothing to do with and you can't expect them to fix everything the d's screwed up last session." `````````````````````````````````````````````````````

At last, help arrives for this family. The Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services, in direct response to the issue concerning Regence, has just issued an emergency ruling compelling insurance companies to open enrollment to all children - no matter what - at least twice a year (February and November).

He's just a frustrated dad who wanted to get health insurance for his baby.

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    My goodness, what an offensive rant by the esteemed representative. I would like to see the original letter from the constituent but regardless of its tone it's impossible to justify the Esquivel response.

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    I am also impressed by the grammar used by the eloquent legislator.

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    You can't make this stuff up! What an ass... Is it too late to buy space in the voters pamphlet and publish this crap for all to see?

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    Just out of curiosity, do you have a copy of Jeffry Pilcher's email to Rep. Esquivel? I'd love to see what Pilcher said that Esquivel found so insulting and uncivil.

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      "We're talking about insurance for kids. That would be the easiest piece of legislation anyone has ever proposed and passed. But are those with an (R) next to their name willing to tell insurance companies what to do? We'll see..."

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      I agree with Penny. From Esquevel's response, it sounds like Pilcher was blaming him for something that he didn't do. Of course, untill we can see Pilcher's email, there's no way to know.

      My dad used to always blame Ronald Regan for raising his property taxes. I'd always explain to him that it was the local officials who he had voted for and his neighbors who proposed to raise and voted to raise his property taxes. I finally got tired of banging my head on the wall and let him go on believing that Regan raised his property taxes.

      Politicians get blamed regularly for things that people are pissed off at, that are not their fault. Public employees are on the receiving end of similar behavior.

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    It is my understanding this is the norm for Sal. It is beyond me why he keeps getting re-lected. In any case, it does not matter one iota what the tone of the request was. There is no excuse for his reponse. The father should have gotten a factual, respectful response. Yes, public employees are on the receiving end of similar behavior. As a public employee, if I responded in kind, there would be severe consequences...believe me.

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    Looks like someone threw some bait at Sal with a very nasty letter to get that response back. People like to focus on attitude, but look what he said. Clearly there is a problem in Oregon it is not Sal's fault. If you think this is going to help Lynn Howe in Medford, think again. The fact is Howe has nothing to offer, nor experience so instead of focusing on her great credentials (or lack of) you create these stories about Sal (who is not a liar like Howe). Good luck with that. I see Sal gaining in the polls as this story was posted.

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