OR-5:National Rifle Association endorses Kurt Schrader

Carla Axtman

In what is likely to be the final nail in Republican challenger Scott Bruun's electoral coffin, the National Rifle Association has endorsed Bruun's Democratic opponent, incumbent Rep. Kurt Schrader.

Charles Pope, The Oregonian:

Both Schrader and Bruun earned "A" ratings and even the NRA recognized the oddity. Unlike endorsements for Republican incumbent Rep. Greg Walden and Republican challenger Rob Cornilles, the gun rights organization felt compelled to explain "why we endorse this candidate" for Schrader.

Among other acts, the NRA praised Schrader for voting for legislation ensuring "that a person who filed for bankruptcy would not lose their firearms, thereby maintaining the fundamental right to self-defense." It also noted his vote to allow visitors to national parks to carry weapons and the fact that he co-sponsored a bill allowing "interstate sale of handguns."

Let me be among the first to congratulate the NRA for being in lockstep on this with Nancy Pelosi. Perhaps next the NRA will have Schrader present her with a spanky new gun rack.

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    I wouldn't be quite so quick to call the coffin nailed shut.

    The Schrader race is the one Oregon Congressional race that's truly in play, with FiveThirtyEight calculating a 28% chance of Bruun winning.

    If the NRA were to do a mailing for Schrader to all the Republicans in the district, I might agree that this race is over.

    However, I don't yet see any plans of the NRA doing that, so BlueOregon readers who are concerned about keeping Congress blue and doing our part should donate some money to Schrader, who is a great fit for his district (and a swell guy to boot!): http://www.kurtschrader.com/

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      "In play" with a 28% chance of winning? I know that you don't want people to sit on their laurels Evan...but let's not be insulting either.

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        What do you mean? A better than one-in-four chance is something I'd worry about. Congressional seats don't come easy.

        As a side note, I am amused by the pro-gun ad that pops up on this post "Hillary and the UN want the same thing. Your guns!!!"

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    You mean the NRA endorsement isn't going to send you over to Bruuns side? ;)

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    I love it! And for this district it's a real coup. I think Nancy Pelosi should parade around with an AK-47 and outshine those teabaggers. I can see it now, bumperstickers saying, "Progressives Love Guns too!". Or a campaign slogan, "An AK in every home!" Even those hippies, the Beatles did that refrain, "Happiness is a warm gun...."

    (Incidentally, Kurt just go the VFW endorsement too.)

    Remember, this is Oregon, folks! And one progressive hero, DeFazio, is A number one on gun rights.

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    OMG - it's the end of the world! The NRA and Pelosi practically joined at the hip? What a picture!

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    With the AFP, the "US Chamber" and other rightie billionaire funnels ejaculating money at a rate of 7-1 over Dem donors, no one's safe until 8:00pm on 11/2.

    Delighted to see the NRA in the corner of a long time competitve shooter.

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    And don't forget it was the NRA and gun rights advocates who hammered out Oregon's concealed carry law with liberal Democratic House Speaker Vera Katz in 1989.

    One of the more remarkable compromises in modern Oregon legislative history.

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      The NRA and Vera Katz, the New York liberal, partners in legislation. That's why it's so patently absurd, for the GOP to try to stereotype Dem. candidates as anti-gun. Many of those citizens with concealed gun permits are single women who carry a revolver in their purse for protection, the base of the Dem. party.

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        The GOP hardly has a lock on stereotyping others.

        A review of your own posts bears that out.

        But it's not a sterotype to claim that Democrats have been the party pushing for tighter restrictions on gun ownership.

        The 1989 Katz bill was more of a practical compromise to create a statewide CCW law that would preempt the myriad patchwork of local ordinances that was unworkable. Katz was hardly "pro-gun." But she was definitely a practical politician.

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