In Pictures: Obama stumps for Kitz

Carla Axtman

Having dabbled in photography for the last few years, it was an exciting privilege for me to have a spot on the local press platform at the Oregon Convention Center when President Obama swooped in to stump for John Kitzhaber for Governor. The rally was a clear effort to restore Democratic excitement and stir up some GOTV energy--and I suspect it worked. Especially after Chris Dudley's absolutely dismal performance on Think Out Loud this morning.

I'm new to this world of photojournalism. It's a challenge to try and capture the moments in pictures instead of words--I certainly have a whole new respect for those that have mastered this craft.

In general, the event was well put together--even though I found the speeches ranged a wide swing from not so great to pretty damn awesome (yes Jennifer Keenan of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon.."damn awesome" means you). This was my first time in the same room as President Obama, and it was a keen reminder of why he's such a good candidate: charisma and really great rhetoric are a tough combination to beat.

Update, 12:20PM: The Flickr slideshow is a little bit small to really get a great view of the photos. If you want to see them in a larger format, click here to see the slideshow directly on Flickr

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    Nice pictures, Carla. You do a great job.

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    Heh, who is the Palin look-alike? Too funny.

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      I cannot recall her name at this time, but she's been active for a while now. I do remember chatting with her briefly early on election night 2008 at OFA HQ off Division.

      She impressed me, not just with her impression of Gov. Palin, but with her enthusiasm and volunteerism.

      Would love to try getting a venue organized full of impressionists of current and past GOP that stump for Democrats. :D

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    Is there any way to monitor the numbers of returned ballots by party ID?

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    Some great shots there, Carla.

    Particularly, the B&W of Rep. J. Smith and the Congressional Delegation photo with DPO Chairwoman Meredith Wood Smith.

    Very classy.

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    I enjoyed your slide show quite a lot. My husband and I watched at home and what with the webcast problems, it was pretty demanding.

    You know, I heart Obama. And I certainly appreciated hearing Kitz emphasize a woman's right to choose. I know this morning I went onto the OFA site and signed up to help GOTV.

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    Great job! It did my heart good to see the mix of attendees (age, gender, heritage, etc..). It reminds me that the Dem tent is big enough - and comfortable with and adult enough - to let anyone join us.

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    Your photos give a great sense of the event. You have a good eye and appeared to have a pretty good seat. Any idea why the Secret Service didn't post the presidential seal on the podium before Obama spoke?

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