Spanning the State: Football has come to Oregon, Edition

Carla Axtman

I have been a college football fan for many years. But I learned to love the game in the cruel rain and mud of Maxwell Field at Linfield College. No fancy Nike outfitted facilities or high tech equipment for the Wildcats, at least not when I was there. Just good old-fashioned, grinding football and season after season of excellence. I'm happy for the Ducks and Beavs when they do well and think its fun to see the programs get their kudos. But for me, nothing beats an afternoon in the bleachers at Maxwell, watching the 'Cats hand an opposing team their ass.

And now, let's Span the State!


I've loved the Farm-to-School program for the way it brings fresh produce to schools in an effort to offer healthy meals to kids. But what really impressed me is that Oregon Rural Action is also bringing kids out to the farm for planting and harvesting. It's a holistic experience with good food--which they'll hopefully create a lifetime of healthy eating.

The Clackamas County Clerk race has been a heated affair since before the Primary, and things seem to have recently dialed up even more. Current Clerk Sherry Hall has filed an election law complaint with the Secretary of State's office, alledging that the Clackamas County Commissioners engaged in "inappropriate and illegal action" during the primary. Hall contends that these alleged actions cost her an outright win in the primary. I have heard rumors and speculation coming from those who've been involved in campaigns in Clackamas County that there are problems with Hall's office. But without documented evidence and people willing to go on record, I've chosen not to write it. But its clear that at least a good number of locals are very unhappy with Hall.

A Christmas Valley author appears to have solved a 100 year old murder. Reporter and author Melany Tupper began investigating the "Range War" period in Eastern Oregon for her book. In the process, Tupper's meticulous research discovered a century old murder that led her to uncover a series of murders attributed to Ray Jackson, who is now believed to be a serial killer.

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