Sr. Helen Prejean in Eugene Tonight (Wed.) In Portland Thursday

Chip Shields

We're all very excited about welcoming President Obama tonight. But another great leader is in Oregon too over these next days.

From Naseem Rakha:

Sister Helen Prejean, Author of Dead Man Walking, will be speaking at three venues in Oregon beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, October 19. Her full schedule is below. The largest event will be in Portland on Thursday. I will be there to introduce her, and hope to see you there.

Tuesday 10/19 University of Oregon Law School, 7PM, Agate and 15th Av. Eugene 97403

Wed. 10/20 Temple Beth Israel, 7PM, 1175 E. 29th Av. 97 Eugene 97403

Thur. 10/21 First United Methodist Church, 4PM, 1838 SW Jefferson, Portland 97201

Hearing Sister Helen speak about her experience with death row inmates, murder victim families, and the men and women who must do the job of killing prisoners is something you are not likely to forget.

Sr. Helen's work helped inspire Naseem to write The Crying Tree, Naseem stated in a recent e-mail to fans.

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    Helen Prejean is a real pro-life Catholic. I am hoping we can give another try at an initiative to ban the death penalty with mandatory life sentencing for murder.


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