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There's just one week left now until voters start voting in Oregon. Personally, I can't wait for this election to be over. But here's what I'm afraid of: That when we get to election day, that we'll wish we had done one more thing, had one more weekend, dug deep one more time.

Because make no mistake: The race for Governor is close. Very close. Over at, Nate Silver says it's the closest Governor's race in the country - and predicts that Chris Dudley will beat John Kitzhaber 50 to 49.

But predictions aren't destiny. We can change the future. The pendulum is swinging back for John right now, and we just need to give it a little shove.

That's why I'm participating today in the Kitzhaber Moneybomb. It's a little effort organized by a bunch of political hacks like me to try and raise $10,000 in one day. I don't know if we can pull it off, but we're going to try. Update! We've shot past $10k and are headed for $15k $20k - help us get there!

There's been a lot of talk lately about the minimum wage. A full eight-hour day's wage at the minimum wage is just $67.20. So, that's what I've donated. It's a small investment to make sure that Chris Dudley doesn't get anywhere near Oregon's minimum wage?

And once you have, help us spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Help us raise $10k today.

Let's make it happen.

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    I just donated $67.20 to Chris Dudley's campaign. Thanks for the reminder.

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    Will this money go to cover police overtime for BHO's stump visit for Kitz, or will taxpayers be stuck with that, too?

    Hopefully, Kitzhaber 2010 will not pass the costs of Obama's campaign stop to a state with 10.6% unemployment.

    As long as this $10k goes to offset local taxpayers' costs for BHO's partisan visit, go for it!

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      How much did Portland tax payers shell out for security at Trail Blazers games over the years so Dudely could become a non-talent multi-millionaire?

      Did Bush ever pay back Medford for his campaign's hughe bill he left with them- they were trying to collection for years...

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        Fish On!!! Bush - Bush - Bush...

        My question is straightforward, but clumsily ignored:

        Will this money or other money from Kitzhaber's campaign be used to pay for BHO's partisan campaign visit?

        Or will BHO come to town to raise money for Kitz, then skip out with Portland and other local taxpayer's holding the bill?

        Actualy, maybe Kitzhaber isn't aware of BHO's upcoming visit, since he hasn''t bothered to mention it on his campaign website.

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          Taxpayers always footed the bill for this kind of travel when Bush was President...and Bush did campaign stops all the time. Why should it be any different for Obama?

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            So Kitzhaber is going to take the high ground and not follow Bush's example? Great News!

            I commend the ex-governor for not stiffing local taxpayers with overtime for Obama, and thus distinguishing himself from the hated George W. Bush.

            Or are you saying Kitzhaber will do the exact same thing Bush was criticized for?

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              Please link me to your criticisms of Bush for being out on the stump for other candidates, while holding the office of President and costing local taxpayers a bunch of money. I'm curious to read how the GOPers responded to your moralistic criticisms of their guy.

              I'm sure given your indignation you must have commented somewhere about this, right?

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    Full disclosure: My firm built John Kitzhaber's campaign website. I speak only for myself.

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    I'm donating to Kitzhaber today for the first time ever- This Dudley is the worst kind of political creature- created and managed by consultants that hand him speeches as they push him out on the stage- who knows what we would really be getting.

    It was a close toss up but I voted for Bradbury in the primary and the most compelling argument Kitzhaber made was that he had the "electability."

    They had better be kicking in high gear el pronto- I drove from Southern Wasco Co. to Eugene two weeks ago and on the route I counted- 15 Dudley signs, ZERO Kitzhaber signs until I hit Eugene- Quit namby pamby around and hit the guy hard- I predicted this before as Kitzhaber has never had an urbane electable opponent- if you all loose this race it's a disgrace.

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    Wny don't you guys try some high cred endorsement spots- Wyden ought to have some capital to spend- you're looking at polls and I am not but you are hurting with the younger voters- and I'm sure older men- where's our fly fisher? Something these people can relate to.

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    I drove from Southern Wasco Co. to Eugene two weeks ago and on the route I counted- 15 Dudley signs, ZERO Kitzhaber signs until I hit Eugene

    Judging the effectiveness of a Democratic political campaign by the presence of highway signs in rural Oregon is a mistake.

    First, it's rural Oregon -- there are going to be more GOPers there.

    Second, most of those signs are PAID PLACEMENTS. Former State Rep. Cliff Zauner has a company that contracts with farmers and other landowners. He pays them to place them there. And no, his services are not available to Democrats.

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      Something else I learned that I didn't know. Paid placement ads, a company that contracts with farmers and landowners to place ads on their farms/land. Would love to know those numbers. How many and the dollars to go with it. This company's services are not available to Dems sounds like there is an opportunity I'm sure there is a price for everyone.

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    I'm in for $50 to Kitz.

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    fyi, some more from Daily Kos on this race:

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    Chris Dudley ought to be a judge.


    Because he spent so much time on the bench.

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    This evening Rachel Maddow points out that the minimum wage issue is the "decoder ring" for Democrats. When the minimum wage is an issue, Democrats win. Period..

    I noted today that finally, finally, the Dems have an Ad up with Dudley's famous statements about how waitresses make too much money and the minimum wage is too high. It is nicely woven with Dudley's tax policy of cutting taxes for the wealthy while asserting that the min. wage is too high in Oregon and waitresses shouldn't get min. wage and tips. It's a great Ad!

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    If you guys really want to put your money to good use, there are way too many people who will be going to bed hungry tonight.

    You can donate money to the Oregon Food Bank or you can use their site to find your local food bank and donate food and or your time locally.

    High unemployment due to the current economic recession resulted in 240,000 people per month eating meals from an emergency food box last year, up from 200,000 the previous year. Of those, 33 percent are children. --Oregon Food Bank

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    Kari's concerns are warranted given current polling in overwhelmingly blue state. So, what's really going on here Kari? Ordinarily a Republican-light, Dudleyesque candidate would pose no threat to the Oregon political establishment. Kitz is hardly a progressive darling and I'd wager that Bradbury would be trailing by well over 15% at this juncture. Could it be the average vote is just as hungry for "change" as they were two years ago?

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    I dropped a donation on behalf of the public school children in this state. And, I did it on one of the 14 days I lost due to budget cuts in my district.

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    I just kicked in a donation too. We're just $600 or so away from $20,000. Nice work Kari!

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