Washington Initiative 1098 hits the bull’s eye

Chuck Sheketoff

When Oregonians enacted Measures 66 and 67, we sent the nation a powerful message that progressive tax reform is possible. We sent a message that most people — including wealthy ones — recognize the wisdom in asking more from those with the greatest ability to pay to protect education, public safety and health and human services.

Our neighbors to the north, led by Bill Gates, Sr., were paying attention.

This November, Washington — one of the few states in the nation without an income tax — will vote on Initiative 1098, which would institute an income tax for very high-income individuals and households. The revenue raised by the measure would help Washington protect education and health care, while lowering taxes on homeowners and small businesses

And what better spokesperson for Initiative 1098 than the very wealthy Bill Gates, Sr.? Check out this great video:


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    This is one of the best ballot measure ads I have ever seen.

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    Maybe we can learn something from them. Here we have a tax plan that diversifies the tax structure, negatively effects a small percentage of the population. Give a 20% prop tax cut to everyone and give small biz a huge potential cut in the B&O tax.

    I would support an overhaul of our taxes that used the WA plan(if passed) as its foundation.

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