John Kitzhaber's Victory Speech

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Earlier today, John Kitzhaber spoke to supporters and the press - to thank Oregonians and to point the way forward.


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    thank God Oregon had the wisdom to elect john kitzhaber its next governor.

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    I liked it.

    I thought Kitzhaber had a very positive tone that didn't rip the other side, or become divisive. I sure hope he's serious about finding "the center" and working with both parties (of course, it's up to the individual legislators to work together, too)!

    I'm glad he focused on jobs and the economy, and that he seems to support the renewed Oregon Business Plan. I just hope more investment is focused on creating long-term jobs in the private-sector, rather than short-term stimulus infusions that only provide temporary employment, that often don't provide healthcare benefits.

    Other than that, we'll see what else he has to say next week.


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