Before the Champagne, Raise a Bit of Money

Evan Manvel

You have three days to help your favorite political candidate or cause.

As a BlueOregon reader, you're likely aware of Oregon’s Political Tax Credit, a nudge from the state encouraging Oregonians to get involved in deciding who leads us and what policies we have.

A recap: Oregon provides a tax credit of $50 per individual, or $100 per couple, for gifts to a candidate committee, PAC, or political party. This is a credit, not a tax deduction, so you get dollar-for-dollar back when you file your taxes (presuming you pay at least $50 in taxes).

Don’t itemize your taxes? No worries – it’s still super easy. Kari Chisholm explains it all at OregonTaxCredit.Com. And here’s the official explanation from the state.

Who can you give to? The Democratic Party of Oregon. NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC. Congressman Earl Blumenauer. 13 Enviros PAC. Rep. Val Hoyle. Basic Rights Equality PAC. Clackamas Chair Lynn Peterson. BusPAC. Get the idea? If you’re in doubt, give your candidate or campaign a call and find out whether they qualify.

Already given? In these final days of the year, take three minutes and encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Post something about the Political Tax Credit on Facebook or Twitter. Email your friends encouraging them to give to your favorite qualifying cause or candidate (create your own page at ActBlue if you like). And pat yourself on the back for being part of Oregon’s democracy.

Disclaimer: I’m not a tax attorney or providing financial or tax advice.

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    The 2009 Oregon Legislature repealed the political tax credit, effective at the end of 2013. I believe I was the only person who objected to the repeal.

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    It was HB 2067 (2009). It was passed with overwhelming votes by Democrats. The "no" votes were all Republicans. Where were you, Kari?

    Senate Ayes, 19; nays, 9--Boquist, Ferrioli, George, Girod, Kruse, Starr, Telfer, Whitsett, Winters; excused, 2--Atkinson, Carter.

    House Ayes, 36; Nays, 24--Bentz, Berger, Bruun, Cameron, Esquivel, Freeman, Garrard, Gilliam, Gilman, Hanna, Huffman, Jenson, Kennemer, Krieger, Maurer, Olson, Richardson, Smith G., Sprenger, Thatcher, Thompson, Weidner, Whisnant, Wingard.

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