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Carla Axtman

Only in Portland. You have to get all the way to the last sentence in the main paragraph.

Sea Monkeys seized

(H/T: Kathy Couch, via Facebook)

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    So I take it that the US Department of the Interior is confiscating brine shrimp?

    Sure this ain't a (very) early April Fools' joke?

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    Confiscating the Seamonkey Zoos not just the shrimp.

    For 45 years, the scientifically designed Ocean-Zoo ? tanks have been crystal clear! Sea-Monkeys seemed tobe happy but now there is something new...NEON HOT Zooquariums! We tested variations of tank hues in our Montauk Marine Laboratory and the Neon Hot tanks were a hands down winner. But what about the Sea-Monkeys? Would they enjoy swimming in spectrally scintillating water bathed in fluorescent hues? We are happy to say that the salty simians appear to be blissfully swimming and reproducing in their new Neon Hot tanks. Try them and see the difference in consumer selection! Ages: 5+

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