Pressure Valve Opened

Paulie Brading

What we are learning from the Arizona violence is that speculation is dangerious. We simply do not know and may never know if the media formed the political underpinnings of Mr. Loughner's motivation to plan and carry out his killing spree.

In the near term the members of Congress will resist using overly inflammatory rhetoric. I welcome the release of the pressure valve even it lasts for just a couple of weeks. For a short time this country will have a moral moment.

However, an example of keeping the pressure on took place this morning when Mrs. Palin released a video using the term "blood libel "in an apparent bid for sympathy since the term refers to the persecution of Jews. Too bad she didn't choose the high ground for a couple of weeks. A presidential response would have been one of reconciliation. I expect nothing less from President Obama this evening.

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