Quick Hits: Kardon departs Wyden team, Kroger calls foul, Oregon's Skutnick, and more

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Merkley hopes his proposal would spark a conversation in Washington about how to fix the housing market. HAMP has completely failed; as Merkley noted today, less than $1 billion has been spent to mitigate foreclosures, out of a promised $50-75 billion. “We are not through the foreclosure crisis, so we must have a second national conversation,” Merkley said. He invited other proposals from members of Congress.

I asked Merkley if he was putting this together because he thought Congress would be forced to step in to clear up a chaotic situation if more legal rulings call into question the standing of servicers to foreclose. “Possibly,” he answered. “The role is to ensure fairness (in the housing market). The complexities in the system right now can create a challenge to the health of the market. So we have to deal with this.”

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    Best wishes to Josh Kardon. He has been an articulate poster on this site from time to time. I wish him a more normal and healthy life.

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    How is the GOP in Oregon a sinking ship, when the party picked up seats in both the house and senate?

    Many of you have been lamenting about how the GOP in Oregon needs to become more centrist, and then when it elects someone to leadership that fits that bill, you still can't say anything positive.

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      I don't know who "many" are, but I've noted that Alley is a smart choice for the GOP--especially given that he's somewhat prochoice:


      I've also noted that it would be great if Alley would lead the party to get back to it's pro-conservation roots.

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      Well, like Oregon, Wisconsin is a traditionally liberal state with a strong progressive tradition. (I had a state politics prof who used to talk about six states in a "progressive lutheran" mode: Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont, New Hampshire.)

      In Wisconsin, in 2010, the GOP won an open race for Governor, defeated an incumbent Senator (who had previously run for president), won control of both the House and Senate, and flipped two (of eight) congressional seats.

      So, yeah, the Oregon GOP is kinda lagging.

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      How many statewide elections and offices have the GOP won in the last 20 years? How many statewide offices do they hold now?

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    It will be interesting to see how long Allen will stay there. He was not great at raising money, in comparison to Dudley. He will be uncomfortable with the crazies who generally show up at Republican committee meetings. Allen is fundamentally an idealist, not unlike a lot of us even if our view of both the problems and the solutions is very different. So what happens when the idealism clashes with reality and it gets really tiresome?

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    By the way, Dave Lister has a regular bi-weekly column in the Oregonian to pretty much write what he wants to. It appears every other Thursday. The Oregonian didn't just choose to run a GOP leadership endorsement column.

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      "to pretty much write what he wants to"

      They have editors, right?

      And you can correct me if I'm wrong, but some of those regular columnists get punted to the online edition from time to time, too, right?

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        I don't think so. As far as I can tell (and for over a year, the Oregonian print edition wasn't available here in Eugene), I think Lister and I appear alternating weeks in the Thursday newspaper.

        Some of the "real" columnists post on-line pieces in addition to their regularly scheduled columns, like Steve Duin and Elizabeth Hovde (who I hope is recovering from her terrible ski accident), but I don't think any of the regularly scheduled columns themselves are bumped from the print edition.

        I'm sure if it was a discretionary decision based on quality or subject-matter, several of my column would have been bumped for sure.:-)

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    What do you think AIPAC Ron's position is on the secular, pro-democracy uprising in Egypt? I'd bet I know what it is.

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