Emerge Oregon Wants You

Deborah Barnes

You can't complain about the problems if you are not willing to step forward to find the solutions.

One of the best things I received from my training with the Emerge Oregon program is the long-lasting relationships I made from those in the program. Today, the group is beginning another series of hands-on classes aimed at engaging and encouraging democratic women in Oregon to get prepared for a run at an office. Many of the women from the Emerge Oregon class have won elections, served or are serving in office. The leadership training enables those interested in learning what it takes to ask for dollars, hold fundraisers, create a platform, and build relationships is found in Oregon.

A recent television commercial has a character state that you can't complain about the problems if you are not willing to step forward to find the solutions. This program will give you the tools to help you move into a position to make those solutions reality.

If I have pegged your interest in the program here are the details on how to get your political life off to a good start.

Calling All Democratic Women

Emerge Oregon has extended its recruiting deadline for its 2011 class. Founded here in Oregon in 2008, Emerge Oregon is part of a national movement to increase the number of women running for and being elected (and appointed) to office. There are only 25 women serving today in our state legislature; that’s less than 28%. And the numbers at the national level are no better.

Emerge Oregon is a premier political training program for Democratic women who are interested in running for office and is designed to:

  • Give a thorough overview of the political process and what it takes to run a successful and effective campaign;
  • Practice and strengthen political leadership skills such as public speaking, fundraising and campaigning;
  • Provide direction on how to develop a network of political supporters; and
  • Provide an opportunity to meet a variety of elected Oregon officials from all levels of government.

The 2011 Emerge class will meet once a month on weekends from March through August. Applications are due by February 7th. For more information, or to apply, visit our website or email us at [email protected].

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    Not only is the training terrific, it really pushes you to get beyond your comfort zone and break new ground with your political skills.

    The networking itself is truly priceless. I had the opportunity to meet so many people necessary to running for and holding office in Oregon, and those contacts have proved to be an invaluable resource for me.

    The Emerge Oregon program not only deserves to have great women in the 2011 class, but it also deserves the financial support of every single elected person in Oregon who says they support having more women in office. Please support having more women in Oregon's Democratic political pipeline tomorrow by contributing to Emerge Oregon today.

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