Labor rally in solidarity with Wisconsin - Portland, Feb 25

T.A. Barnhart

Late Friday afternoon, hundreds of union members and labor supporters gathered in Portland's Directors Park to demonstrate their solidarity with the workers and unions in Wisconsin. Speakers included Adam Sanchez, who'd spent several days in Madison observing the protest first-hand; union leaders from AFSCME, NEA and AFL-CIO; and several workers and activists, including two unemployed laborers. Following the rally, a short march was held.

And I'm not sure, but I think the entire thing was completely ignored by every local media. Please note in comments if there was any coverage.

I spoke with Rep Michael Dembrow following the rally to get his perspective on Oregon's situation. His assessment: Oregon is 'Wisconsin-lite'. Not anything to be smug about.

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    I haven't seen any of it in the media. I've seen Salem but not Portland.

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    Portland Indy Media has some pics and a comment on the KATU Story here:

    "weak KATU story (even though counter-protesters weren't there, KATU sought out some right-wing tea partier for comment--ever see them do that when it's the other way around?")
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    I would have like to know about that rally. I could not make the one in Salem, and showed for the rally in front of the BofA at 12th and Lovejoy. I keep tabs and facebook all these movements including MoveOn. Why is it so difficult to organize a crowd in a town that prides itself as being "progressive?"

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    Tim, i think i found out about the rally semi-accidentally. it's a major issue, not just getting the word out widely (many organizations/events failr on this) but making that info easy to find. at the very least: a Facebook event that people can link to. getting partners to publicize. buy a small ad in BlueOregon. lots of options, many times little done.

    and making sure events don't conflict? it seems rare that that effort is made.


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