OR-1: Brad Avakian prepping to announce run against David Wu?

Carla Axtman

About an hour ago, an email landed in my inbox from Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian, who appears to be preparing his announcement to primary David Wu:

Over the past several months, I've heard from many leaders and citizens asking me to consider running for Congress - to give Northwest Oregon the tough, effective leadership that we need on Capitol Hill.

Tomorrow morning at 10 a.m., I hope you'll join me at PCC Willow Creek. I'll be sharing my thoughts about the challenges facing our country, our state, and our region - and what I intend to do, with your help, to meet those challenges.

I have no doubt that Avakian has indeed been hearing from a lot of folks in the district who want him to run. Wu is gravely damaged politically. Based on my own conversations with residents in the First, there's a great deal of concern about whether Wu can appropriately represent them.

Pass the popcorn. This is gonna be fun.

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    Josh and Jake have been hired by Avakian to steer the campaign. Look for an especially well managed campaign by two of Oregon's best.

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    In my experience, Jake Weigler has proven to be very competent, professional and easy to work with. That being said, Wu's fundraising is off to a decent start, despite the fact that he is still supposedly in debt. This is going to be a real dogfight.

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    Once Brad announces it will lay the ground for additional candidates and David's fundraising in the district will start drying up. I am not saying that he will not continue to raise funds nationally since he has shown he is a pretty good fund raiser.

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      Just read Jeff Mapes article on David's fundraising; "nearly half - some $106,000 - of his donations came from donors with Asian surnames, the vast majority from out of state."

      I suspect that this pool of donors is somewhat insensitive to the news from Oregon and mostly sees only David's solicitation appeals.

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        Regardless of where the money comes from, it all spends the same. I suspect many of these Asian donors are more aware of what is going on here in Oregon than you think and it is precisely this reason they are rallying behind Congressman Wu. I strongly disagree that these donors are giving him money for his "solicitation appeals" and I think you do yourself and Congressman Wu a great service by making such a baseless accusation. I think Congressman Wu unquestionably proved his independence from his out-of-state donors when he voted against normalizing trade relations with China.

        For Avakian's sake, let's hope he learned something from his fairly abysmal race for Secretary of State.

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    I think your definition of "fun" is different than mine, Carla. :)

    Interesting, definitely. Painful, probably.

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    I have to ask... Back in the day when this was a happenin' blog with lots of diverse opinions, it was #1, Grade A heresy to regard Wu as anything but a solid Democrat. I believe the phrase that a number of us used most often was f*in' disgrace. What's changed? Maybe engaging us in that debate then wouldn't have been "feeding the trolls"?

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    It's official. Avakian's website has switched over from Avakian for Labor Commissioner to Brad Avakian for Congress.

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