Dear Oregon House GOPers: Please stop wasting time & resources with BS bills

Carla Axtman

I've always believed that the "big government is bad" mantra that conservative Republicans whine about is little more than an excuse to get out of paying taxes and business regulations. Those beliefs are consistently reaffirmed when I read about BS legislation like this:

Michelle Cole, The Oregonian:

Only one, House Bill 3512, has been scheduled for committee action. It would make abortions illegal in Oregon after 20 weeks of pregnancy, except in medical emergencies.

Why 20 weeks? That's the magic fairy dust timeline that the pixies have decided is the threshold when fetuses feel pain.

Which, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with reality here on Planet Medical Science.

I get that the abortion debate isn't going to be settled. Not in the legislature and certainly not here at Blue Oregon. But c'mon... this is just rank BS. We've got better things to do with our legislative session than hold hearings for bills that have no reason for existing outside of an ideological closet.

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    One might suspect that this is somehow an indication that ALEC is alive and well in the Oregon GOP. This sounds similar to legislation proposed in South Dakota, Indiana. Wyoming and probably a dozen others.

    Today, in the House of Representatives while proceeding to destroy the Clean Air Act, one Republican claimed that something must be done to stop the EPA from regulating cow farts. Of course, a sane person, a Democrat, pointed out that this is a bogus story that originated in the bowels of Fox. I hesitate to call it news.

    But it makes no difference. The Oligarchy must be stopped. Today cow farts and abortions tomorrow shut the government down.

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      Michael, they have no problem with government intrusion into OUR personal lives.

      They just don't want government intruding into things they like to do, like shoot guns. And they don't like government protecting the powerless from the powerful.

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        My DH and I have contemplated a campaign to take back certain elements of the Tea Party world for ourselves. For example, the "Don't Tread on Me" icon was something we used in a very lefty political campaign thirty-some years ago.

        And as a Blue Steel Democrat, I'd love to rub it in their faces that I'm a liberal Democrat...and I own guns. I hunt. Lots more of us out there, and maybe it's time for us to speak up.

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    No kidding Michael. There is nothing more intrusive than the government controlling my uterus. I believe it is SD that outlawed women having abortions over 20 weeks even in case of rape or incest (probably others too), with one goofy (R) Rep saying "women may fake rape in order to obtain an abortion". Good Lord! I came across this posting on DailyKos which sums it up well:

    It was referring to the Oregonian article from the 2 April:

    We have stepped back at least a decade if not two. Ugh. I agree with the writer, there is a War on Women in this country.

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    More faith-based lunacy.

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    Check the background of the sponsoring legislator. I suspect he has been attending meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Counsel and brought home some boilerplate. This sound suspiciously similar to some of the anti-abortion legislation in mid-western states and much of it comes from ALEC.

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    Sure, Carla. Time to get back to meaningful legislation like having the legislature designate what kind of grocery bag we get.

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      It's called protecting the environment know that thing that allows all life forms to survive.

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        More name-calling and left wing hate speech from you. A BO special. How charming.

        Try to elucidate more intelligently. I know you are more interested in name-calling than intellectual discourse, but there is always the chance you could actually change someone's mind. Or you could just continue to feel smug and self-righteous and believe everyone who disagrees with you is less intelligent than you. In other words, a caricature of a typical liberal.

        Try having a discussion. I know it is harder, but don't fear free speech.

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          Calling you a moron, while tacky, is not "hate speech".

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            You are correct. You caught me in my moment of hyperbole.

            The hate speech comment would not refer to this particular thread. It is childish of me to demean to throwing out pejorative labels like those oft flung towards conservatives.

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          I have found that trying to reason with certain people like your self, who trivialize important environmental measures is almost always a complete waste of my time. There are plenty of people interested in debating with right-wing libertarian types on this site, I’m not one of em. The problems with this country have nothing to do with liberals not respecting conservatives enough, in fact just the opposite…you’ve gotten far too much respect. Name-calling has a cherished and important place in political discourse and your comment was well deserving of it. Your worldview needs to be recognized for what it is.

          And yes, it is hard debating with knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

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            It actually isn't all that hard to debate, but it is easier to just throw a label at someone than to actually have to defend your beliefs. Much easier being one of the louder voices preaching in the choir.

            Once you get over your contempt for those who don't share your views and embrace diversity of thought, your world will be a much brighter place.

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      Yes Ken...because saving businesses money and getting rid of a long-term pollutant, that would be a waste of time to a conservative.

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      Fred Meyer & Safeway are part of that legislation, as are groups representing citizens, businesses in Oregon and more. this is a project that spans government, private enterprise & citizen activism.

      but it doesn't cut taxes, so i guess it's bs.

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    The Idaho Legislature passed a very similar bill this week, shortly before adjourning.

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    The environment and reproductive freedom are topics which require maturity and respect. Having to deal with the option of abortion was not an easy choice in my marriage.

    In Indiana the Republicans have passed a law requiring that a woman be told a lie if she is to have that choice. Specifically, they require that a woman be told that an abortion causes breast cancer. Totally false. What was the commandment about bearing false witness?

    Today, on the House floor Republicans presented their belief that fracking has no harmful effect to the drinking water. So, lying is the official policy of the Republican party. And for Oregonians please remember the significant role being played by Greg Walden in formulating and promoting outrageous lies locally and nationally. I know two of his high school teachers who constantly praise him as such a nice boy. One is a prominent environmentalist who just turned ninety.

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    This reminds me of the comment made by the Onion in response to South Daokta's legislation:

    This is a great victory for us conservatives, who recognize that government intrusion is 100 percent necessary in this case and in absolutely no others.,19816/

    Interesting that so many states are introducing pretty much the same 20-eek abortion bill at the same time. Clearly, the constituents of these states must share the same centralized Borg-like brain. Which is called ALEC.

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    With the Republican leader marketing this:

    What do you expect.

    Read the ROAR declaration. Who knew that Missionaries came to Oregon to combat abortion and gay marriage. And I'm sure they will be seeing a lot of native Americans attend their event.

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