HB 3645: Selling Oregon’s charter schools to the highest bidder

T.A. Barnhart

In March, the House defeated HB 2287, causing bill sponsor and Education Committee Co-chair Matt Wingard to spend the rest of the session in a vindicative, destructive mood. But with the Legislature attempting to pass a number of critical education bills before the session ends, including SB 909, the 0-20 “Super Education Board” that is a key component of Gov Kitzhaber’s plans, Wingard has snuck 2287 in for another try. This video details, with a bit of humor, why HB 3645 is the worst bill to come before the Leg in 2011.

June 20, 2011

Technical note: My Canon Vixia HF10 got broken about 10 days ago, so this was shot with a borrowed Sony Handycam HDV. It's vintage 2003, a really good camera, in fact, but it just doesn't capture the same quality as the Canon. Or perhaps it's a bit much to switch cameras mid-stream. Whatever. Also, having more "free" time of late than I am used to, I started thinking about doing more than talking head/event playback. I clearly go overboard in this video, way too many different things going on, but I needed to get this done, and I really needed to scream out how very loudly I hate this bill. It is the worst bill of 2011.

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    well this is embarrassing. turns out i did not see the amendments to 3645 - which basically removes all of the bad parts. not sure what the point of the bill is now, but all the stuff about "proposed" and "non-profits" -- gone. i'll take that. and even though this video now is, well, pointless in terms of policy, it was fun to make. a good learning exercise. and a demonstration of how we progressives could start using video in a more creative way to inform voters about the issues.

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      Well, this is the part of the session when they're on one-hour alerts for hearings - which means that the online system can't possibly keep up with all the amendments.

      I've learned, the hard way, that it's best to always re-confirm facts the instant before publishing.

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    Kari, i should have. but otoh, i did so much work on this! it was never going to change anyone's mind, but i had to give it a try.

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    That's OK! I always loved Rosanne Rosanna Danna!

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    "i did so much work on this! it was never going to change anyone's mind, but i had to give it a try."

    That's how some of us on the "other side" feel sometimes also.

    BTW, HB 3645 just passed both houses today.

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