In which Peter DeFazio is a badass

Carla Axtman

Serious badassery:

Last week, Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., went on the attack against the nation's biggest oil companies and financial institutions.

This week he's gunning for another big industry, arguing that health insurance companies are driving premiums to artificial heights because federal law exempts them from anti-trust law.

“No matter what political ideology, most can agree that insurance companies should play by the same rules as virtually every other industry in America," DeFazio said Tuesday, publicly renewing his effort to change what he says is a misguided federal law.

"Right now, it is legal under federal law for insurance companies to collude to drive up prices, limit competition, conspire to underpay doctors and hospitals, and price gouge consumers," DeFazio said.

I wonder if these companies understand that their Goliath selves are now staring down the business end of Oregon's version of David.

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    Peter DeFazio should run for President in 2016. He has been right about the biggest issues of our time like Iraq and financial deregulation. He's stood up to Big Oil, the health insurance corporations, Wall St, etc. And his district has a lot of red. He's a rare kind of Democrat who speaks clearly and effectively with great intensity. He's a bold progressive who knows how to connect with rural/working class conservatives. He's just the kind of gut we need in the White House at this time of massive corporate control over our government.

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    Too bad DeFazio, Wu and Schrader couldn't support the clean debt limit bill like Blumenauer did.

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    DeFazio is a genuine populist, unlike some Dems who campaign as such, then govern as lapdogs of the elites.

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