Wu holed up, talking to congressional colleagues, still considering resignation

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On Monday, Congresssman David Wu was on Capitol Hill - but generally avoided reporters, choosing to huddle with a few congressional colleagues in areas off-limits to media.

Politico notes the press gaggle outside his office:

Four cameramen and two reporters staked out Wu's office in the Rayburn House Office Building on Monday morning. Several staffers went in and out of Wu's third-floor office near an elevator bank, including [spokesman Erik] Dorey and another young man who said it was "pretty quiet" inside. Other passers-by, noticing the cameras, slowed to read the wall sign bearing Wu's name. It was an unusual scene, but far more subdued than the media circus Rep. Anthony Weiner drew last month when a Twitter scandal unfolded around the New York Democrat.

Frankly, I don't get why there was so much more attention paid to Anthony Weiner's sexting tweets - than to an allegation of sexual assault. Is it because Weiner was from New York? Is it his name? Is it the debt ceiling fight? Is it the overbearing heat in DC? (On NPR, crisis management expert Eric Dezenhall says it's about hard proof, but I'm not sure I buy that.)

The Oregonian's Charlie Pope reports that Wu is thinking out loud with his colleagues about resigning. In particular, Pope names Rep. John Larson (D-CT) as a member of the leadership that's been talking with Wu about his future.

"What he said to me is, he's taking it one day at a time, and I said, 'Dave, you have to do what's in the best interest of your young family and yourself and then the institution, in that order'." Larson said in an interview.

"He said this was weighing heavy on his mind and he hadn't made up his mind. He was obviously quite troubled by the whole thing and insisting that when everything comes out, 'I'll be vindicated.' I told him, 'Dave, there are no good answers to this,'" said Larson, the No. 4 ranking official in the Democratic leadership.

(Incidentally, you can feel free to contrast Larson with Wu. They were both first elected in 1998. Larson is now the 4th-ranking Democrat in the House, and Wu is described by the National Journal as a "back-bencher".)

In another story, Politico names Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) as another Wu confidante.

“I’m trying to take care of the interests of my family,” Wu said. He then drove off in the car of Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.). ... Honda told Fox News that Wu shared “very personal things” during their conversation.

Meanwhile, Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) became the first Member of Congress - by my count - to explicitly call for Wu's resignation. According to The Hill:

Slaughter said she was appalled by the allegation. There have been too many ethical scandals in Congress recently, she said.

“I’m tired of people coming to the Congress of the United States who can’t behave themselves, who are not obviously fully grown, and it’s a shame,” she said in an interview. “I have no idea what really happened here, I’ve not heard anything, but it certainly sounds bad. We’ve had too much of that in the House.”

Asked whether he should resign from office, Slaughter said, “Yes.”

Incidentally, the Oregonian's Janie Har confirms that the young woman who has alleged sexual assault by Wu was 18 years old at the time.

There's more from the Wall Street Journal, Slate, Time, and the Associated Press.

Update: KATU and SurveyUSA released a poll late Monday night on Wu's future. Check it out here.

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    Dont blame me. I voted for Cornilles over this obviously deficient douche bag. Well done partisan fools.

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    Full disclosure: My firm built Brad Avakian's campaign website. I speak only for myself.

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    Oh the wonderful thing about tiggers...

    Is tiggers are wonderful chaps!

    They're loaded with vim and with vigor;

    They love to leap in your laps!

    They're jumpy, bumpy, clumpy, thumpy,

    Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!

    But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is

    I'm the only one!

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    Kari, Weiner may have received the full force and firy because of his firebrand rhetoric and up front demenor. Wu on the otherhand tends to be in the backgound. Either way it appears that both will soon be out of public service.

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    As for the Wiener stuff, it was purely because it turned itself into a highly uncreative joke. And because there's nothing a Republican loves more than dumb toilet humor. That's why this got more attention. This stuff about Dave Wu is just sad and hardly humorous. Though it doesn't stop the Oregon Democrats from completely disregarding the fact that all this stuff happened because Wu didn't get therapy after his wife left him. If you haven't been in that situation, you wouldn't understand what it does to do.

    In any case, there hasn't even been a probe yet, and it really seems like the vultures of the Oregon Democratic Party are hovering over the 1st District these days. Brad Avakian can't start a single interview or speech without a 10 minute tirade about the "evils of David Wu". It's not about his policy, it's about his own sense of moral superiority. Which is pure personal politics, and Avakian just better hope that he doesn't wind up in the same situation someday, too. It definitely feels like the party insiders would love to dictate to the citizens of the 1st District whom they are allowed to vote for here. But, you've won, Wu is not running again and sounds like he's even willing to step down. So, kudos, party insiders. You'll get to place your new golden boy there. The fact that Wu ISN'T stepping down or not running kind of tells me that he's pretty sane, and for all those problems it hasn't effected his voting record at all, but I guess the party insiders needed some turnover to feel good about themselves again. 2010 pain must have been tough to get over. (There's a reason why I feel more and more disconnected from the Democratic party...I can't even stand to go to the rallies. It's this unbelievable pettiness. Of course, I'd sooner die than vote Republican, and the third parties in Oregon are frankly a joke.)

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