Wu won't resign, but won't run again. Pelosi to launch ethics investigation.

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Late Sunday, Congressman David Wu said he would decline to run for re-election - but also wouldn't resign immediately, according to reports from the Oregonian's Charlie Pope.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the U.S. House, immediately called for an ehics investigation:

I call on the Ethics Committee to initiate an investigation into the allegations against Congressman Wu.

With deep disappointment and sadness about this situation, I hope that the Ethics Committee will take up this matter.

I will send a letter to the Ethics Committee tomorrow asking them to formally initiate a review of this matter.

According to Politico, Pelosi and other leaders have been exceedingly clear with Wu:

Democratic insiders said Pelosi and her top lieutenants have made it clear to Wu “that he has no support” from his colleagues or party leaders and that they would like to see him leave the House as soon as possible.

There's more from the Wall Street Journal, Roll Call, the Associated Press, the Telegraph (UK), United Press International, and DailyKos. The Oregonian's Beth Slovic has reaction from Brad Avakian and Brad Witt.

Oh, and if you'd like to read a top conservative blogger defending Wu, check out the latest from Ann Althouse.

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    Full disclosure: My firm built Brad Avakian's campaign website. I speak only for myself.

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    At least it is a step, but it is not the last one. I would be shocked if he is able to last through his term. The last two congressmen chased out just emailed photos. He is accused of actually physically accosting an 18 year old and he has not denied a sexual encounter with the girl.

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    I imagine this thread would have more than 2 comments if it were Greg Walden instead of David Wu.


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      Given that there are 4 active posts on this blog right now about Wu, I'd say its at least as much about the saturation of the topic.

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        Not to mention hundreds of articles and blog posts all over the internet.

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          129 posts for "Roseburg Tea Party is Afraid" and just 48 posts on four distinct "Wu threads".

          To reiterate: if Greg Walden raped an 18 year old daughter of wealthy donor, you would have crashed your servers by now.

          Insiders have known David Wu had serious issues for years. Yet the rank and file have largely supported him due to the power of incumbency and (until the General Election was over) out of blind party loyalty.

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            A good half of those comments were from the Tea Partiers trying to defend themselves. If Wu posts trying to defend himself, you'll see more than 129 comments, I'd guess.

            But to the point of this post, I wish Wu would resign. He can't represent his constituents well with all this baggage. He should focus on getting help and support for himself and his family.

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              Most Bluoregonians would never have considered voting for Rob Cornilles, because he was a Republican. Which makes you part of the reason Rep. Knucklehead was elected 7 times. I respectfully submit that's why the crickets are chirping in what should be the hottest topic for Oregon Democrats.

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                The crickets aren't chirping. Just that it's now a rather uncontroversial view that he should go. We don't do a lot of "me too" -ing around here.

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                  BTW, Bruce, the one and only defense of Wu that I have seen comes from conservative blogger Ann Althouse.

                  What do you think?

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                    I think Wu's self-destructive behavior has been evident the last two election cycles yet he's been supported by legions of "Never vote Republican" Democratic Faithful. Viable alternatives, starting with Molly Bordanaro, have lost to David Wu due to slavish party loyalty. Blueoregon, and your readers, bear some responsibility for this NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN mindset. I'm out.

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      Wrong. Wu is just pathetic; what's the point of piling on?

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    I think there's been a lot of coverage at BlueOregon critical of Wu throughout the past year. But this isn't a thread about the tendency of political blogs to get more excited about the failures of people on the other side of the aisle.

    Overall, I'm looking forward to having a wide-open primary - choosing a person we want without the concern that healthy competition will harm our long-term objectives.

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    I doubt Wu will last much longer. I just wish he had the integrity to resign now rather than force Pelosi to force him out. If it goes to that, it's going to be much more ugly than he anticipates. Make no mistake, that's the purpose of the ethics investigation.

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    Assuming Wu does resign, then it's up to the governor to set the date for a special election. Depending on when he sets it, there will either be a primary (which costs money)or the state party committees will pick their nominees.

    In 1995 and 1996, Kitzhaber opted for primaries to fill Packwood's senate seate and Wyden's congressional seat. But our state budget was healthier then.

    I wonder who benefits from which selection method?

    Then the seat will still be up for election in 2012. The 1st CD could be getting a lot of attention over the next 18 months.

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    Time to resign. This is one of those instances where I hate to seem prescient or cynical, butI made some public statements a few months ago that I thought there was more to the story, and that the drip, drip, drip of public revelations was the worst way to go.

    I got predictably criticized. I guess we know now why the reason for the mass resignations.

    His chance to leave office gracefully is over.

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