Mary Nolan wins world peace and gives away free chocolate

Carla Axtman

Apparently, there is no teapot too small for the ginning up of a miniscule tempest. Note the headline below.

Politifact Oregon:

Blogger says Mary Nolan is a party-line Democrat who voted with the ACLU 100 percent of the time


Is this supposed to be a deterrent to voting for Nolan? If it is: know your audience. If anything, this is going to make Portlanders rip open their ballot envelopes and enthusiastically color in the circle next to Nolan's name.

Or maybe this is just Jack Bog's wickedly brilliant strategy to get Nolan elected?


But the real question is: did the Oregonian actually pay somebody to research this? Of all the investigative journalism that they could be doing, this is where they choose to plunk down resources?

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