Mayor 2012: Tom Chamberlain is out.

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Tom Chamberlain has decided against running for Mayor of Portland. Chamberlain, who is a former president of the Portland firefighters union and is currently president of the Oregon AFL-CIO, had been considering the race - and would have been a serious contender.

From the O's Brad Schmidt:

Although unknown to most voters, Chamberlain is a political heavy hitter and president of Oregon AFL-CIO, which has more than 40 affiliate unions. Chamberlain earlier this month expressed interest in pursuing Portland's top elected office but decided his work with labor is too fulfilling to leave.

"If I did run, what would that mean for the labor movement in Oregon?" said Chamberlain, also a former Portland firefighter from 1977 to 2004. "It took me a while to get there."

Chamberlain said his decision was difficult but he feels good about it.

Right now, the mayoral field is former city commissioner Charlie Hales and civic activist and New Seasons co-founder Eileen Brady. September 8 is the first day that candidates can officially file at City Hall.

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    Full disclosure: My firm is working with Eileen Brady's campaign for mayor. I speak only for myself.

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    Whew, that's one stiff breeze coming in--what with the door left wiiiide open for Jefferson Smith.

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    Still waiting for a hipster candidate to emerge complete with the whole non-prescription glasses, thrift shop chic outfit, I loathe success, PBR in hand vibe. Where are you? Come out of the shadows and take your rightful place as ruler of Multnomah!

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