Portland mayoral candidates report in

Carla Axtman

As a resident of Washington County, I don't really have a dog in this hunt. But given that it's likely going to be one of the higher profile races in Oregon, its worthwhile to check in on the latest in the Portland mayor's race.

As of this week, Charlie Hales is reporting that his campaign has eclipsed the $150k mark in fundraising.

Beth Slovic, The Oregonian:

The first day to file as an official candidate for Portland mayor is Sept. 8, but the two major contenders already in the 2012 race are scoring big on the fundraising front.

And today, one of those candidates, Charlie Hales, reported he had crossed the $150,000 mark.

Slovic goes on to report that Hales' is drawing big support is coming from "transportation insiders", "streetcar proponents" and "real estate developers". Recently, the Portland Tribune reported that Hales had received $25k from the Stacy & Witbeck Construction Company, who were paid $65 million to work on the westside Portland Streetcar line and currently have a $75 million contract for the eastside. The next mayor will reportedly have a big say in the decision to move forward (or not) with more streetcar work.

Slovic also reported that candidate Eileen Brady is raising at a similar pace. She currently has $144k in her coffers, including $10,000 that she loaned her campaign. Brady is boasting "over 400 donors from across Portland in just three months". She also held a "Fresh Start Portland" event last evening, a sort of come-one, come-all shindig that seems designed to generate grassroots support for her campaign.

I'm curious about what Portlanders think of their choices so far? Or are the dog days of summer keeping you from even paying attention?

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    I've been a Charlie Hales fan since the 1990s, and think he will be the candidate to beat. I think Portland is generally headed in the right direction, and I think he will continue with current policies that work, while taking a hard look at those that don't. In a time when many places are regressing, I think he would govern with a steady hand and continue to steer Portland down the progressive path.

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    I'm far from sold on any candidates, but the issues I'll vote on are starting to take shape.

    First is the city's finances, and in particular managing bonding in a way that will leave room for PPS residents to pass a capital infrastructure bond. Every bond issued be it for urban renewal or the arts makes it that much harder for residents to afford rebuilding the schools. That isn't an issue that can be fixed overnight, but you need to start somewhere.

    Second is the economy, and promoting jobs in Portland. Bonus points for doing this through reduced fees and red tape rather then direct subsidies.

    Third is an issue I wasn't concerned with until recently, corruption. The O has described some serious cultural defects in the city administration, I want the new Mayor and council to fix that.

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    I'm happy with the way things are going, at least as of now. I've been a Hales fan for a long time and like what I've heard about Brady thus far. If this shapes up to be one of those "Portland can't lose" elections, great.

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    Portland's best days are ahead. Charlie Hales has the chops and the experience to make sure that remains the case. Safer and more vibrant neighborhoods; a better busines climate, especially for the small businesses that make Portland's neighborhoods hum; and more financial accpountability at City Hall. Hales accomplished all of that as a City Councilman for 10 years. I am glad he is back in the game.

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    I have been a supporter of Charlie Hales since the early 90's and was thrilled to hear that he was running for Mayor of Portland. Charlie has the experience and drive to lead the City of Portland through these tough economic times.

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