On Democracy & Progressive Change

Carla Axtman

It's pretty rare that I read or hear or see something that not only reflects my values as a progressive, but does so in such an articulate and compelling way as to make anything I could say pale in comparison. So I won't.

This is State Representative Jefferson Smith (D-Portland) giving a Ted talk at Concordia University the University of Portland. Good stuff.

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    This is breaking the Portland bubble. Darcy Burner and Lawrence Lessig both passed it to their Twitterati, among ones I saw. With the slides in, it's pretty impressive. Funny that ive heard those stories and had the grid drawn out for me by him--this puts it all together for mass consumption, and it works. If he runs for mayor, he ought to clip that video for ads. Interesting if he got the job and had this manifesto getting attention as well.

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    Once again, a great speech by Jeff - this time with a great backdrop and awesome visuals.

    Sort of like watching your favorite band play a great venue. You know the words well enough to sing along, but it's fun being there anyway.

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    Actually, that event was at Concordia University.

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    It was great to watch in person as well. Great energy. The crowd was feeling it.


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