Avakian pitch captures urgency of the moment

Charlie Burr

On the morning of the first televised debate (KGW, 7 p.m.), Brad Avakian is on the air with an ad giving voice to the frustration and angst playing out in communities across the country. It's a pitch rooted in the urgency of the moment, but also creating solutions and sticking up for our values.

I'd like to see more Democrats talk like this. Brad's not afraid to take on what's happening to our middle class or join those in the street demanding economic fairness and justice.

I've known Brad since I had the chance to work on his first campaign years ago, when Washington County was a much different place politically. I was struck then -- as I am now -- by his ability to build coalitions, bring people together, and stand on principle even when it's tough.

As a civil rights lawyer, education advocate and environmental leader, Brad has worked to improve the lives of everyday Oregonians and create greater opportunity for the middle class.

Brad created the South West Music School with fellow parents when budget cuts slashed music and art programs for students (like the immensely talented Nathan and Claire!). He co-founded Washington County's OLCV chapter and later earned the organization's "Consensus Builder of the Year" for his work modernizing the Bottle Bill and making Oregon a leader in renewable energy. As labor commissioner, Brad went to bat for critical career and vocational programs and cracked down on companies violating workers' civil rights, recovering millions in unpaid wages.

That's the type of leadership we need in Congress and it's why I'm proud to support him. Catch the debate tonight at 7 p.m. on KGW and judge for yourself who has the potential to be the strongest voice in Congress for working Oregonians.

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    Avakian was also one of the founding Advisory Board members for Emerge Oregon. His leadership on issues important progressives is wide and varied.

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    My FAV poster from the "occupy" events: "We Want Your Money"


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    Refreshingly honest tone. I agree Charlie. More Dems need to talk like this and avoid the bland flag-waving commercials that seem to have no message other than, "I hope I don't offend anyone."

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    Some people rely on their training, usually as attorneys, when faced with an issue that is controversial. Brad, everytime I have heard him, comes off as a concerned human being, first and foremost.


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